The article provides the essential reviews of the brand new website for you to verify It is legit is it or not. Scroll down to get more details.

Are you searching for an online store with a broad selection of dresses for women? Do you want to purchase unique accessories and shoes from a trusted web-based store? Here’s Pickkhop that specializes with unique women’s clothing as well as accessories and shoes.

Customers across America United States are keen to find trustworthy information on this shopping website. We ask our readers to read the comprehensive review to learn if is legitimate or a scam.or simply another fraud.

Is Pickkshop a legit online portal?

A variety of online shopping businesses are accessible today. But, any online consumer must verify the legitimacy of these online retailers. For Pickkshop we have analyzed the following aspects.

  • The site was registered on the 25th of October, 2021.
  • The website’s age is only 12 days.
  • The trust score of the site is 11% which is very low.
  • Alexa’s ranking is 17,384,423
  • The icons for social media are accessible on the website, however they do not link to the social media pages. This means it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of reviews.
  • Buyers will only be able to find an email address for contacting the company. Contact numbers and office addresses aren’t available. Buyers can read reviews on the website however we are unable to believe they are genuine.
  • It is not possible to separate the About Us page is not independently maintained.
  • We haven’t found any copied content.
  • Shipping, returns and refund policy are all listed on the site.

These features don’t confirm the authenticity of the website, therefore we are unable to make a conclusion about the authenticity of the site.


Pickkshop is a brand new website offering top-quality clothes for women. Shoppers online should read reviews to see if is legitimate legitimateor not. The latest arrivals from Pickkshop provide stunning jumpsuits, white gowns tops, skirts, skirts coats, and much more.

In addition to unique female attire Additionally, the site offers stunning accessories such as bags jewelry, hair products and more. Pickkshop is an excellent platform for flat shoes, sandals as well as heels and other.

Specifications of Pickkshop

  • Website url-
  • The date of registration for the domain is 25-10-2021
  • Domain expired on 25-10-2022
  • Email address-
  • Telephone number: Buyers won’t find a number on the site.
  • Office address-No office address is on the site.
  • Social media hyperlinksSocial media links Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram icons are readily available however they aren’t working.
  • Comments Reviews of inare available on certain pages of products, however we do not believe they’re authentic.
  • Shipping policy – The Company provides delivery of its items within 3-8 business days for USA as well as 7-14 business days in the rest of the world.
  • Return policy- It’s 14 days for customers in Canada, and 30 days for international clients.
  • Refund Policy – The refund of the payment is contingent on the approval or denial of the return made by the customer.
  • Payment options: VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER

Pros of Pickkshops

  • The site offers a broad selection of feminine outfits high-end accessories.
  • The site is SSL secured which indicates secure online transactions.
  • Order tracking is accessible.

Cons to determine if is legitimate or not

  • It’s a new website
  • The trust score of the site is low.
  • We can’t locate the existence on the platform for social media for Pickkshop.
  • Customers are unable to find genuine reviews on any online site.

Reviews from customers

Feedback from customers is always an essential role before purchasing any item on a new shopping site. We carried out extensive study to discover real reviews from customers who have purchased on Pickkshop. The site isn’t linked with any other social media site to read reviews This makes it difficult to assess legitimate and legitimateor not.

The website is brand new and we have noticed that buyers have not yet able to make comments about the website or the women’s clothes they offer. There are some reviews in the pages for products however, the majority of them are five-star ratings, so they are not genuine. We also looked at other reputable sites for reviews, however we could not find one review. Therefore, we suggest that our readers go through everything you need to Be Aware of Credit Card Fraud.

Final Verdict

Pickknop has put in a huge effort to provide top-quality women’s dresses, however it is difficult to determine if as legitimate legitimateor simply a scam because of the absence of real reviews. Therefore, we’d like to invite our readers to read the entire article on the essential information you should be aware of regarding the PayPal Scamto take advantage of safe shopping.