Peaky Blinders is one of the most watched tv series ever to be created with a cast that has drooling and a plot that has us on the edge of our seats. Yes, you heard us right! We can not tell you how good the show is, so if you have not seen it yet gear up a major binge watch session. This drama is loaded with not only great style but a whole lot of something for everyone. Peaky Blinder is based on the life of a gangster family back in the 1900s in England. All the brothers rock their caps that have a signature sewn razor blade to cut everyone that gets in their way. But we all got the hots for the incredible Cillian Murphy who plays the main role of the gang leader, Tommy Shelby. This man is made of steel but he falls for the sensational Lizzie Stark who is a reporter that breaks his heart into pieces. She fakes her death but later on, Natasha O’Keeffe playing the role of Lizzie returns and leaves Tommy Shelby confused. This is much later after the brothers return from their posts serving the British Army during the WW1. They take back control of the city of Birmingham to build an empire that is way beyond. The Shelby call themselves bookmakers and racketeers that are in charge of gambling. But this empire isn’t built on the sole efforts of the eldest brother of the family, Arthur Shelby who is known for his quick temper is played by Paul Anderson. But the genius behind the success and development of the Peaky Blinder is on the shoulders of the sensational Tommy, who is the second oldest. 

On the other hand, Aunt Polly is another very important character who is played by Helen McCrory in the tv series. She is the ring leader and woman who does the magic behind the scenes. Apart from Thomas and Arthur, there is Ada Shelby played by Sophie Rundle and Finn Shelby played by Harry Kirton. The show has sadly come to a sensational end after 6 amazing seasons after a much – awaited time due to coronavirus. But there will be a spin off that we might be seeing in the coming future or video games. The Shelby family has “one last deal to be done” with and then, they retire. So, if you have not yet seen the end, wait no more because spoilers are up coming up ahead. For all those Peaky Blinders enthusiasts who have are heart broken by the death of Helen McCrory who plays the role of Polly Gray. She had been battling cancer since a very long time but she dies, so we won’t be seeing her in the last season. That is a great loss that we all had to bear because her character was very much important. 

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