Whenever you meet with an accident and suffer physical and financial loss due to it, you feel that you’ll get the money to cover your expenses from the insurance company. But in many cases, the insurance company refuses to pay for all your medical bills or income loss happened due to the accident. In that case, no-fault arbitration comes into the picture. In No-Fault Arbitration, there is an involvement of a third party called an arbitrator. A neutral arbitrator hears the case from both parties, which means the insurance company and you, and then comes to a decision. Your case will be represented by your personal injury lawyer in front of the arbitrator. 

A good lawyer will perfectly represent every point on your behalf like your income loss, and medical bills, and answer all questions.

What preparations are required for a No fault arbitration?

As compared to the formal court trial, it’s less formal though holds equal importance. Specifically speaking, a practicing attorney which got appointed by the American arbitration association for the case hearing is called an Arbitrator who is neutral. Prior to the procedure which we call ‘arbitration’, you have to work with your lawyer for arbitration filing and collect all the necessary information to represent your case. That’s all that you have to do and at the end, in the hearing, both parties present their cases and based on it, the arbitrator takes the decision.

What should be your first step?

You should hire an experienced No-Fault attorney who can do your work with perfection. Be sure that you check their online reviews, ask them multiple questions, assured that they have handled multiple similar cases. From filing arbitration to presenting your case with every relevant information is very important. If you hire a good attorney, you are done with the best work from your end. Whether it’s losing someone in a car accident or getting severe injuries, all your medical claim cases will be handled the best by an experienced attorney. Don’t compromise here. A good attorney ensures that you get paid for all your medical bills and other expenses from the insurance company.