Do you want to be a millionaire? Well, it’s as simple as getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

It’s a chance to win for one very lucky Australian within the a newly launched initiative , dubbed”Million Dollar Vax. “Million Dollar Vax campaign”.

The contest will award $4.1 million in prizes, including the most important prize of $1 million cash prize drawn on the 5th of November. Three hundred gift cards worth $1000 will also be drawn during October.

Initiated by philanthropists and corporate The campaign is designed to increase the national rate of vaccination at or above 80 percent which is a major goal for reopening under the national health plan.

However, Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance affirms that the vaccine isn’t designed to persuade people who are hesitant about vaccination Australians to take the jab.

“The promotion simply seeks to reward people who decide to be vaccinated now rather than waiting,” the official stated in a statement Sunday.

“The faster we reach higher vaccination rates nationally, higher than 80 per cent, the sooner we all can safely resume our full range of community and business activity.”

The rates of vaccination in Australia have increased in recent months as supply problems decreased, with 79.4 percent of those aged 16 and over getting at least one dose, and 56.5 per cent receiving a double dose.

The federal government has been contemplating incentives to help Australians to receive the vaccine prior to lockdown-inducing outbreaks of highly infective Delta variant that is found in NSW as well as Victoria.

Victorian Minister Daniel Andrews has endorsed the idea following the announcement by his state of the mandate of over a million licensed workers.

“It’s great. I’m not fussed on what motivates you, whether it is for your health or to help the people you love, to protect our health system and our nurses, or to win $1 million,” the reporter was told on Sunday.

“Just go get vaccinated. That is what I am asking because it is our way out of this.”

The idea is based on the Ohio “Vax-A-Million” initiative across the US.

Philanthropy Australia chief executive Jack Heath hopes that it could “save lives, ease the burden on healthcare workers, and benefit the wider community”.

All Australian adults can participate online in the contest provided they’ve had their first dose prior to the 31st of October.