Advantages and Disadvantages of 188Bet


Varied payment methods: This is one of the most important points that must be observed before registering with a bookmaker, as some payment methods may charge higher fees, with transaction recognition periods also taking longer. Payments via bank slip, for example, take up to 3 business days and do not charge service fees.

Application for mobile devices: Everyone nowadays always prefers the convenience of being able to use their cell phone or tablet to do some everyday activities. With that in mind, 188Bet has created new versions of its platform with all the functions also for these practical devices.

Specialized service for Brazilians: Usually the bookmakers have versions in the Portuguese language on their websites, but the one in Portugal. So there are always words that need to be translated because they have different meanings. In the case of 188Bet, the company uses Brazilian Portuguese to further improve the experience of bettors.

Welcome Bonus: The bonus offered to new users registered on the platform is part of a strategy that aims both at attracting new customers and providing better betting opportunities for them. Just sign up and click the offer button and you’ll get everything automatically.

Free sports statistics: With this free tool on 188Bet’s systems, you have the possibility to analyze in the smallest detail all possible statistical developments of sports matches. Thus, you will know precisely how much you are risking and, above all, what are your chances of getting returns with your bet in each scenario.


Slightly distributed promotions: Amazingly, the platform does not have many bonus offers for its customers, especially the older ones. The reason for this is not very clear, but it is certainly a negative point. On the other hand, the welcome bonus offered by the company stands out from the competition.

Bet confirmation could be faster: Although it is not a very long delay, we all know that in the world of betting a few seconds can make a lot of difference in your pocket. The reason for this is that the platform updates its quotes very often, this tends to increase accuracy, but ends up slowing down the system.


As already mentioned before, the company does not offer a wide range of bonuses. However, the main available, if well used, can greatly increase your chances of getting good results in the world of betting. This is a welcome bonus with no fixed amount, but with a proportion of 100% of the initial deposit. This means that if you make a transfer or payment of R$200 reais, the credit of another R$200 will also be added to your wallet; totaling R$400 – which can be used to place more robust and profitable bets. The additional amount of the bonus cannot be withdrawn, but its results, boosted by the bonus, can be withdrawn at any time.

It is worth remembering that the receipt is automatic, so there is no need to wait for any prolonged analysis or anything like that. The only thing that is really necessary to be eligible for the bonus is to fulfill some requirements, among them: having selected the Brazilian Real as the preferred currency, having made the first deposit to the 188BET account, and clicking on the ‘Request’ button to confirm your interest in receiving the offer.

A Practical Guide on How to Register and Create an Account at 188Bet

In the beginning, the registration process is quite quick, but to have full access to the platform’s full potential you will need to do some identity and address checks afterward. The entire mechanism may take a little longer, but for this reason, bets and financial transactions end up being safer and more stable than in other bookmakers.

To carry out the first access, you only need to access the site and click on ‘Register’. In the next tab, fill in your email, create a username and password, and indicate your country of residence and currency preference. Once this is done, just confirm that you are OVER 18 and proceed. As soon as you will be inside the platform to make your first deposit or confirm your security information.


For both payments and withdrawals, you can choose from the various method options available according to your preference and convenience. If you opt for deposits, for example, it is possible to do so through payment platforms linked to Banco do Brasil and Itaú. They work as a kind of partnership between the institutions, with the purpose of making the whole process faster and safer. If this is your choice, your money is transferred within minutes. 

Banks such as Caixa, Santander, and Bradesco may take up to 2 business days to recognize the transaction, but there are other means as well. You can deposit via Boleto Bancário generated in the payment area of ​​the platform, with Skrill or credit or debit cards Astropay, Mastercard, and Visa; the latter with instant execution.

Withdrawals are made exclusively through the platform and the money is intended for the account or card of your choice. If your account is already properly verified, the deadlines are the same as those for withdrawal, according to the method chosen for withdrawal.


The new App for mobile devices can be downloaded from the company’s website after opening an account. So, if you find any version of 188Bet on the AppStore or play store, we advise you not to download it, as it may not be an original and 100% reliable app.

Users who use Android need a 5.0 or higher system on their device, to be able to place sports bets, and access Casinos, Poker games, and other tools; while those who have Apple devices such as iPad or iPhones have unlimited access from any device.


Once your bets are confirmed by the platform, they cannot be changed or canceled. This configuration has the main objective of inhibiting fraudulent activities that may compromise the validity of the results for each bet. If you, for example, believe that you have made a wrong bet, you can only make a new movie with the result that you consider most correct. If the latter is a winner, it will be able to cover or cancel its possible losses.


As a rule, you can only register a single account with this company. The accounts of all users have strict identification mechanisms and are non-transferable, mainly due to security issues in relation to withdrawals and more organized control of bets.


You can choose from BRL (Real), GBP (Pound), EUR (Euro), USD (US Dollar), JPY (Japanese Yen), and many others. But as a Brazilian user, we advise you to use the Real, or an equivalent currency that can be easily exchanged for our national currency.


It is a security mechanism required by the regulatory agencies of online bookmakers so that all customers can be better served with greater convenience and security. This tool encompasses procedures that seek to gather more accurate information about users of the 188Bet platform.


There are several game modes, including: Casino, Virtual Sports, Lottery, Poker and various sports.


If your connection goes down while you are in a match, you can continue from the last update you received while you were online. In the case of sports betting, the play can only be made if you have accessed the confirmation receipt on the screen. Otherwise, you must place the bet again as soon as your internet is restored.


In view of all the information and testimonials collected by us gathered here, we conclude that the company 188Bet has excellent applications and offers a great bonus offer to its new customers (although it is the only one). The variety of payment methods can also be highlighted by the fact that it perfectly suits the Brazilian public, with the practicality and security of Boletos Bancário. 

It is an online bookmaker with a strong commitment to its Brazilian customers and with very safe, accurate and reliable systems; These characteristics, in the case of betting sites, are extremely important for the tranquility and satisfaction of the customer.