Getting rear-ended is a terrible experience, and sometimes it can leave you with some serious long-term injuries. Even if injuries aren’t sustained, the whole experience can generally be very frightening. Many people believe they should leave it up to their insurance companies to sort it out, but actually, it’s a much better idea to hire a car wreck injury attorney in San Antonio.

I Was Rear-Ended – Should I Hire a Car Wreck Injury Attorney in San Antonio?

If you’ve ever been sitting at a set of traffic lights and another car crashed into the back of you, you would probably believe that the other driver was entirely at fault and your insurance company will sort it out for you and get you the settlement you deserve. All accidents are bad, but at least because the other driver crashed into the back of you, it’s easy to prove who was at fault, right?

Sadly, however, this often isn’t the case, and there are many factors involved that might lose you the potential cash settlement you deserve if you rely solely upon yourself or your insurance providers.

Could You Have Been At Fault?

Texas is an at-fault state, meaning the driver who was responsible for the crash has to pay for the damages incurred by the accident. This means it is very important to get a car wreck injury attorney in San Antonio if you were found to be at fault – or even partially responsible. Although you might think you were definitely not the one to blame, often, elements of the accident could put you at fault.

The Condition of Your Vehicle

One of the most important factors that affect who was at fault is the condition of your vehicle before the accident. Many people are driving around with a weak or broken tail light, but they don’t know it until someone else points it out to them. If someone crashes into you at night because they couldn’t see your vehicle, you would be legally liable. A car wreck injury attorney can help you prove that you were not at fault.

Were You Obeying the Rules of the Road?

What you were doing prior to the accident has a huge impact on your liability. If you were parked around a blind corner or stopped suddenly while in the middle of a busy street or highway then the judge may rule that you were responsible, at least partially, for the accident. A judge could also side with the other party if you could be proven to be driving erratically, so getting a car wreck injury attorney is essential to prove your innocence.

How Badly Were You Injured?

Even when it is obvious that you are not the guilty party, it is still a good idea to hire the help of a car wreck attorney when it comes to the legal proceedings as they can help you to receive the full amount of the compensation that you legally deserve. How badly you were injured has a huge impact on the amount of money you can receive as compensation, and a lawyer can help you with understanding exactly how much you stand to receive.

Often, the other party’s lawyer will try to reduce the payment by arguing your injuries aren’t as bad as you say. Your car wreck injury lawyer will help you collect evidence such as x-rays and doctor’s notes to prove the extent of your injuries, and collect information about how this has affected your life, your ability to work, and any financial issues arising from the injury.


Part of the proof of your injuries will have to come from your insurance provider and will include how much they paid out. Of course, insurance companies are also trying to avoid paying more than they have to, so getting a car wreck injury attorney can help get the correct compensation from your insurance and use this for proof of your injuries when the case goes to court.

Also, if the other driver does not have insurance, your only option is to take them to court and sue them, something a lawyer is essential for.

The legal system is very confusing, to say the least, and during this whole process, you will have to be battling between the other party’s lawyers, judges, and even insurance companies, all of them using legal jargon you don’t understand, while suffering from your injuries. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to employ the help of a car wreck attorney to help you navigate the confusing legal system so you can receive the payment you deserve.