Innovation is compulsory, either we talk about the real world or the world of the internet. Doing small modifications or changes is a must for being a part of the race. If you do not pay close attention to updates and your competitors, soon you will be kicked out from the race.

Correspondingly, after the rapid growth of some other video-sharing platforms, Youtube decided to jump into the race of short video making and launched one interesting feature named “Youtube Shorts”.

Where you can record or create a short video of 60 seconds. People often say that this initiative was taken after the immense success of a competitor “Tik Tok”.

Youtube dedicates a special section to this part. You can find it easily on the Youtube homepage.

If you are still wandering and want to know everything in detail about Youtube Shorts, why are they becoming famous? Why do people want to download them? And from where can you download them easily and safely? Best ways to Youtube Shorts Download directly in your gallery? 

Then this article helps you to get enough information of all details you are curious about.

What are Youtube Shorts?

Youtube has recently launched a feature in which you create a short video for 60 seconds. You can add music to your video. This feature was first released in India, but now it is trending all over the world where youtube is available.   

You can attract a larger audience by using this method. In fact, it has the potential to attract many people around the world. People love to create, watch and download these short videos.

Why are Youtube Shorts becoming famous?

In March 2021, YouTube shorts were collecting 6.5 billion views on a daily basis. People love those mini and shareable videos. 

It is getting more famous now because of its availability throughout the world and the quality of content.

Youtube announce a fund of $100 to $10000 for its valuable creators, based on their short video views of every month.

How to Save Youtube Shorts directly into your Phone’s Gallery? 

Many of us want to know the all possible ways to download YouTube Shorts onto our PC, laptops, Android, and iPhones. There are two main ways to download shorts into your phone’s gallery.

  1. Youtube Short Downloader Websites
  2. Open-Source Downloader Apps

Let’s have a brief overview of both. 

Youtube Short Downloader Websites

It is an easy-to-use method to download youtube shorts in your phone’s gallery. Also, it is safe to use and reliable. 

Due to its high demand, there are thousands of websites providing the service of downloading YouTube shorts.

If you want to go through this easy method for downloading shorts here are the step-by-step methods and some websites that are easy for beginners.

5 best websites for Download YouTube Shorts:

  1. Shortsvideodownloader
  2. Shortsnoob
  3. Shortsloaders
  4. Heatfeed

The above-mentioned websites can directly download YouTube Shorts into your gallery. You do not have a need to install them before downloading. And also no sign up required to use them they are totally free. Here’s how you can download Shorts videos from YouTube.

Step-by-step Guide to Download YouTube Shorts:

To download YouTube shorts video by using all these websites you have to follow some simple steps;

  1. Open that YouTube Shorts video you want to download.
  2. Click on the “Share” button from the right side menu, from the next window choose Copy URL 
  3. Open any Youtube Shorts video downloader website and find the search bar by scrolling the page
  4. Paste the link there, that you have copied from Youtube 
  5. Press the button that you’ve found next to the bar
  6. In a while, your video starts downloading 

(Some of the websites will give you an additional benefit of choosing your ideal quality and format)

Here is how easily you can download your favorite youtube short video.

Best Open-Source App to Download Youtube Shorts:

Open-source apps are free software that is accessible by all to use, copy and study freely. Likewise, we have an open-source application named “NewPipe” that is a lightweight and open version of youtube. 

It allows you to download Youtube videos as well as youtube shorts too. Additionally, the best thing about this app is that it has no in-app purchases and ads. And absolutely free to use.

Step-by-step Guide to Download Youtube Shorts with Open Source Apps

A step by step guide to download your favorite short video from Youtube Shorts download is given below:

  1. Find the best open-source app like NewPipe from its official website you want to install, open that app and click on the install button.
  2. Once installed, click the search button and paste the link you have copied from Youtube. You can also search here by typing keyword relevant to you video.
  3. After finding the video click on the download button and your video will start downloading on your device.

(The same procedure could be used with any open-source Youtube Shorts downloading the application, with slight modifications.)

Final Words:

We have many apps and websites to download Youtube Shorts in our phone gallery, but as compare to apps, websites are the best option because you don’t need to do any pre preparations to download a video..

Use Youtube Shorts Downloader : 

No one would like to spend a half-hour on installing any app or sign up to download a 60-sec video. Moreover, the downloaded app will take a part of your storage space. It is another short come-off using an app for downloading youtube shorts into your phone’s gallery.

Using websites for downloading any kind of video is the best and convenient option.