Birthday is a perfect moment for expressing your affection for another person. If you’re searching for a unique way to do that, try creating a birthday video! Below, you’ll find some tips on how to make it perfect.

Birthday cards are a beautiful way to pass the best wishes, but there’s another one that will make your loved one feel unique. The birthday video is a great alternative for the card. Nowadays, you don’t have to have video editing skills to create it – there are apps that will do it for you. 

How to make it?

There is no magic formula – first of all, it should come from your heart! There are, however, some rules worth following when preparing such a gift. We’ve gathered them to make it easier for you to make a beautiful video without previous experience.

Follow these steps, and you’ll end up with a birthday video that will become a beautiful souvenir!

#1 Choose a vibe

Think about your relationship with the person celebrating a birthday and decide whether it’s better to take things seriously or rather with a grain of salt. You can create a real tearjerker… or make a birthday video that will make you both laugh to tears!

#2 Choose a theme

There are different types of birthday videos, and each of them has its unique charm! A reliable way is to gather short video recordings from friends, relatives, and colleagues of the birthday girl or boy and stick them together! They can be improvised or planned – like, for example, each person reading a line of the already prepared birthday wishes.

You can also dig into your archive, Whatsapp messages, or social media accounts, and create a birthday video out of the clips that commemorate your most beautiful moments together. And the funniest ones, if you’re afraid it will end up being too cheesy. It could be a compilation of videos from holidays and travels, or simply a collage of everyday situations. 

#3 Choose the aesthetics

Think about the favorite type of films and music of the person who is celebrating a birthday. With a birthday video maker, you can easily add filters and effects, creating a particular aesthetics – for example, inspired by the French New Wave cinema or westerns.

#4 Use a free birthday video maker

With the birthday video maker, preparing such a gift is easy and fast! Many offer collaborative tools that allow different people from all over the world to work with the video simultaneously. They can add their clips, share, and comment. With such an app, you can make birthday videos with a personal touch without any editing skills. You simply choose the birthday video template, add the video clips and merge everything together. The software will do all the job, preparing a beautiful happy birthday video within few seconds.