Did you know that about 90% of people in the United States fail to eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day?

It is recommended that adults each 2 to 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit each day to get enough nutrients.

If you want to improve your health and eat more produce, there are a couple of easy ways to get it.

Continue reading to discover some of the best ways to get fresh ingredients for your recipes in your area!

Plant a Garden

One of the best ways to get access to fresh ingredients is by planting a garden.

Whether you live in the country or have an apartment, you can grow fruits and veggies from your home. You can start growing with seeds or pick up starter plants for your favorite produce. Although having a garden will take some work and attention, it can create new produce that has never been exposed to toxins or chemicals.

The best part about having a garden is that if you want to make a salad, you already have all of the ingredients and don’t need to head to the store!

Head to the Local Market

Most towns and cities have a farmer’s market that is open to the public.

Although farmer’s markets aren’t open throughout the entire year, you can stock up on fresh ingredients from spring to fall. Buying from the farmer’s market is beneficial to your community because it helps support local farmers and businesses. Many people shop at the farmer’s market because they offer excellent prices that the stores typically put up.

Shop in Produce

Most people get fresh food from the grocery stores and markets in their hometowns.

Chain stores like Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and Wholefoods are excellent locations to get produce. These stores offer organic options that haven’t been exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. It is a good idea to shop at the stores because they often have a larger variety of options when compared to the local farmer.

If you like to make Mexican recipes, you will spend a lot of time in the produce section. Mexican and Mediterranean diets consist of many vegetables that will satisfy the palette and your hunger.

Support a Farmer

Most people don’t pay attention to the farmers that live in their area.

If you have never looked up your local farms, take time to do so. If you want fruits and veggies throughout the year and don’t want to spend your money at a chain store, head directly to the farm. Most farmers have a small area for people to shop from, but if not, they can still sell produce to you.

If you buy a lot of fruits and veggies at a time or to help store them for the winter, this is the best way to get fresh ingredients.

Learn How to Find Fresh Ingredients From Anywhere

If you enjoy cooking and eating fresh ingredients, there are a couple of ways to stock up your fridge.

You can buy new produce at your local store and get other ingredients to make tasty food. If you want to support your local farmers, you could go to your town’s weekly farmer’s market or the actual farm. This is a great way to support other people while eating a balanced diet with the freshest foods.

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