Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) shows a product’s relative sales performance within a category. You can find sales rank within the product details section of almost all Amazon product pages. Sales rank is used differently by sellers and buyers. Sellers view it to see how fast a product is going to sell on Amazon – the lower the number, the faster it’s going to sell.

Interested to get more knowledge about Amazon BSR? Continue reading, because this article goes beyond only answering, “What’s Amazon BSR?” Learn how to find BSR for a product, how is it calculated, and how important it is. But before stepping ahead, we would suggest you to have a look at this guide on how to sell digital products on amazon.

How can you Find BSR for a Product?

BSR is publicly shown on the detail page of a product. Click on product listing, go down to “Product Details” part, and it’ll show that product’s current BSR rank, in the similar area as ASIN, product dimensions, and the UPC info.

A product might only have one BSR here, or it might have different for different categories.

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Also, You could find the best sellers as a complete by clicking the Amazon Best Sellers page at the navbar (below the search bar of Amazon).

Here, you are allowed to filter through a particular department, from Video Games to Amazon Devices and Accessories. That’ll give you top 100 in the BSR in different categories and subcategories.

When you click the best sellers page of a department, you will be able to filter this more by clicking one of the subcategories on the page’s left side.

How is the Amazon BSR Calculated?

Amazon keeps this as a closely secured secret as you may expect. What’s known though is that a few factors influence the Amazon BSR of a product. These factors are only based on sales instead of taking into account pricing, product reviews, and so on.

Therefore, the theory is that the BSR is calculated on:

  • Historic and Current sales
  • Price changes, including promotions and sales
  • Related competitive products

Is it important to Care about BSR?

Now we know what the BSR is, and we generally have an idea of how it is determined. However, the important question is, does it matter a lot?

In a wide sense, it matters since a good BSR correlates with more sales. It is obviously an excellent thing for a product to have a great BSR.

However, many people focus a lot on BSR. Realistically, it is only a vanity metric. There’s no meaning of the BSR on its own. A little higher BSR does not mean you will be getting higher sales. The only way of getting more sales and more visibility with the help of BSR is reaching the top and getting featured on the best sellers page of Amazon.

Rank, profit, and sales are the metrics you must be focusing on. These metrics will actually end you with more cash in your pockets and can be controlled and influenced easily than BSR.


Understanding the importance of BSR on Amazon is another way of making the most impactful business choices for your Amazon operation. To learn more about the BSR, go to Here, you will find the complete guide about the Amazon BSR.