Brought to you by leading sports product manufacturer, Cell Phone Warehouse, the Mission Cycling Wallet takes the functionality out of cycling accessories. Product Features The Mission Cycling Wallet easily slips into your cycling jersey. Zip it around your shoulder, sail it around the city, or lay it flat on your desk.

Made from waterproof material, the Wallet has an array of convenient pockets and compartments for keys, cell phone, credit cards, and any other items you may need. Even your reflective gear is protected with shock-absorbing silicone gel pods.

Why use a cycling phone wallet?

The main compartment of the Mission Cycling Wallet features zippered mesh, a waterproof pocket, and two inside compartments for keys and essentials. This pocket and compartment system allows you quick access to your essential items, while keeping everything else completely secure.

Another convenient mesh pocket serves as a slip pocket for smaller necessities, and has enough room for small personal documents such as receipts or bus passes.

The silicone gel pockets located throughout the exterior of the wallet allow easy accessibility of your phone, and the back pocket is big enough for keys, card, and other small items. You can check some more cycling accessories at Craft Cadence.

This waterproof sleeve also adds an attractive appearance, while adding important pockets and compartments to your cycling wallet.

Cycling Wallet
Why use a cycling phone wallet?

Both the exterior and interior mesh pockets are completely waterproof, ensuring you’ll always have your essentials when you need them, no matter what the weather or conditions outside. These waterproof sleeves add protection to an already complete set of cycling accessories.

With these two main compartments you can keep your passport, money, and any other important documents in one convenient location, and the silicone gel pockets serve as holders for your valuables while keeping them waterproof.

Because both zippered mesh and waterproof sleeves are attached to the outside of your cycling wallet, they can be removed and taken out without disturbing the cycling gear stored within.

Waterproof Case to Keep Your Phone Safe

If you are looking for a waterproof, secure holder for your cell phone and other items, the Gossamer Gear Hydroxy Wallet is the perfect solution. This is one of the few companies that use a patented material to create this storage device.

Constructed of waterproof vinyl, the Hydroxy Wallet holds all of your important items while providing a completely waterproof protection from rain and wind.

The included magnetic closure keeps all your important items secured and prevents them from falling out of place, even while you’re on the go. The included snap-on pocket has enough room for credit cards, receipts, and coins, and the included hanger provides a secure hold for your gear.

Cycling Wallet
Waterproof Case to Keep Your Phone Safe

Where can you put your Items While Cycling ?

Most cycling wallets will include two primary pockets: A ziplock bag designed to hold water bottles, keys, and other small items; and an exterior mesh pocket designed to hold your phone, keys, cash, and other small essentials.

However, many of today’s cycling wallets feature an external ziplock bag that allows access to all your other accessories and stored items when needed. The ability to have your entire kit together and at hand provides a major benefit of convenience and security for cyclists.

It also makes it much easier to stay hydrated and get to the store or starting your route since you don’t need to fumble around for your essentials and worry about losing them.

With all of your gear in one sack, you can enjoy the freedom of not carrying extra weight on your back, which can be a pain for most people.

Cycling Wallet
Where can you put your Items While Cycling ?

Rapha Tote Vs Cartier Bag Cycling Wallets:-

If you are more concerned with style than function. The Rapha Tote and Cartier Bag from Rapha may be your perfect cycling wallet.

Both feature a fashionable look combined with high quality construction and features that make transporting your essentials a breeze.

They both feel like they would fit right in with any fashion statement made. Today, and both feature durable materials that will stand up to daily wear and tear.

They also both have convenient exterior snap on holders that make putting your keys. Cards, and anything else that needs to be seen together a breeze.

Cycling Wallet
Rapha Tote Vs Cartier Bag Cycling Wallets

All about Thule Rouleur Wallet:-

A cycling wallet should never compromise on function. While there are many options to choose from, the simplest option is the humble zip-lock bag. Bags like the Thule Rouleur Wallet offer you all of the functionality found in the aforementioned models. But in a water resistant nylon material.

The bag is also a durable and secure place to store everything you could need for your trip, and the zipped pockets provide an easy way to access everything you might need.

This is the ideal option if you plan on storing things like your wallet and water bottle. In the same bag, and is the best choice for anyone who wants a wallet without sacrificing style or function.

Cycling Wallet
All about Thule Rouleur Wallet

AquaMaster Pro and Aquaseal Wallet:-

If you prefer a more unique solution, you might consider. The AquaMaster Pro cycling wallet and the Aquaseal Echo Tour Series Wallet. The AquaMaster Pro is made from waterproof materials and features an outside snap pocket for accessibility to your essentials.

It also features a spacious main compartment with several smaller zippered pockets. That work well to organize small accessories like change or your smart phone.

The Aquaseal Wallet offers similar organization options. In a different waterproof material and made with a soft material for comfortable fit. If you want a really unique option. The Echo series offers two exterior snap pockets with removable inset and a spacious main compartment.

Cycling Wallet
AquaMaster Pro and Aquaseal Wallet