• If you are looking for legal assistance regarding a divorce, custody of your kids, division of assets between you and your ex-partner, adoption, protection orders, marriage, property division, or marriage, you need to seek help from an attorney with experience in cases involving family relationships and obligations, you need a family lawyer. Such Law experts, are also called as Family Lawyers or Personal Status Lawyers or also known as Family Law Advocates. The Family Lawyers in Dubai are the best Family Law Lawyers in United Arab Emirates and also considered to be the best Advocates in the region, to deal with Family Law. 
  • Typically, the responsibilities of a family lawyer include drafting contracts like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements or negotiations, general agreements, counseling clients on legal options, or resolving disputes within a family. Last but not the least, Family Lawyers do represent the clients, in Court. In UAE, just Emirati Lawyers, can appear in Court. Just UAE National can be called as Advocates in UAE.  
  • To become an advocate in The United Arab Emirates, the educational requirement is that the applicant must hold a license in law, Islamic law, or equivalent qualification from an accredited university or higher educational institute in the state. The applicant should also have completed the required training period. He/she must have carried out at least one year of continuous practical legal training. Furthermore, the person must be 21 years of age and a United Arab Emirates national.
  • Specifically, to advance in family law you will need to apply for a training contract at a family law firm or with a family law team in a multi-service firm. Furthermore, relevant legal expereince such as that gained practical training experience can benefit your career goal of becoming a Family Lawyer.
  • In the area of family law, you can further specialize in sub-domains of family law such as marriage, adoption, divorce, division of assets, child custody, property division, or domestic violence, whereas others become a jack of all trades.
  • For a successful career as a Family Lawyer you must possess the following skills; Aptitude in client-facing matters and exceptional communication skills; the ability to empathize while maintaining a professional aura, being passionate about helping people and fostering relationships, you must have strong drafting and negotiation skills, good research skills, and an understanding of the law, good communication skills to explain legal matters to clients with little or no legal knowledge and the ability to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life, including children, adults and the elderly.

Family Law Firms 

The Family Law Firms that distinguish their attorneys from their operations tend to make quick progress. Over time, they can take their legal firm to the next level. Just like superstars, the family law firms that tend to excel in the legal world have some traits. Moreover, those who outshine others stand out from the crowd. Family Law firms go the extra mile to prove their services and skills which allow them to compete. 

Lawyers hired by these Law Firms are the best in their professional domain. They make extra efforts in academics and work towards developing skills. Alongside, these intellectually curious and passionate family lawyers offer the result-drive services. Family Law Firms, the quality Family Law Firms, grow when they have staff like this. 

Henceforth, the Family Lawyers have the potential to foresee the problems and issues lying ahead of them. The clients may not be in a position to foresee the issues and problems ahead of them. The Family Lawyers are sound enough to speculate about the legal complexities. For example, Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony cases are not easy to be dealt by every lawyer. 

An attorney needs to maintain the skepticism which will allow things to work in their favor. If you remain too confident and don’t take the risks adequately, there is a chance that nothing positive will happen. In order to bring a change, a pragmatic approach is a must but with the essence of skepticism.