Sealing pavers in Florida is essential to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays. The price of a good quality sealer varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. In most cases, it costs about $1.50 per square foot. For smaller jobs, a calculator can be used to estimate the cost. In general, however, the cost of sealing a thousand square feet is around $295.

Backrolling & Nap Rollers

The amount of sealer used will also depend on the materials used. Different materials require different sealers, and some require backrolling and nap rollers to cover the Paver restoration in Orlando adequately. The type of sealer used will affect the cost per square foot. It is best to contact a reputable paver sealing contractor for a free quote on your project. Remember that a sealer will add to the final cost per square foot.

Sealing pavers requires power washing the surfaces thoroughly. A sponge roller is more effective than a spray-on applicator, and weeds should be pulled from joints before sealing. The sealant should be applied at least 24 hours before it begins to set. Typically, sealing pavers in Florida will cost approximately $1.50 per square foot. If you’re looking to seal a patio or driveway, it is wise to seek a professional company specializing in this service.

Weeds & Harmful Elements

Sealing pavers is a great idea for preventing weeds and other harmful elements from growing between the joints of pavers. The process is straightforward, and most companies specialize in paver cleaning. The most effective way to keep your patio or driveway free of weeds is to seal the joints with a unique sealer. These products will cost anywhere from $15 to $40, but the results won’t be as significant. A paver sealing company should be able to provide you with a quote within a week.

Price of Sealing Pavers

When it comes to sealing pavers, many factors determine the cost. The size of the area to be sealed will ultimately impact the overall cost, but the smaller the area, the lower the per-square-foot price. Other factors that affect the price of sealing pavers include:

  • The location of the area is to be sealed.
  • Access to water.
  • The type of sealant to be used.

Two Main Types of Sealers

There are two main types of sealers used to protect pavers. The first is called a coating and is very expensive. It protects the surface of the concrete and prevents it from absorbing water. In Florida, a coating will only protect the concrete surface. Other methods, including sandblasting and chemical stripping, are more expensive. Nonetheless, a sealer will protect your pavers from fungi, mould and other harmful elements that can make them unusable.

Acrylic & Water-Based Sealers

If you plan on sealing your pavers in Florida, you should consider the various types of sealers. There are acrylic and water-based sealers. The latter is the best choice for Florida. You can choose a water-based sealer that is compatible with your paving material. A water-based sealer is a good choice because it is easier to apply than an acrylic-based one.

It is best to hire a professional to do the sealing on your pavers. The more pavers you have, the more they will be damaged and require more maintenance. This is why it is essential to hire a professional to do the sealing for your driveway. It is not the time to do DIY. Instead, contact a reputable company and get an estimate on the job. When you’re hiring a sealing service, make sure they use a high-quality product.


When you’re looking for a professional to do the job, check the price of the sealant. A high-quality sealant will last for years and protect your pavers from the sun and abrasions. If you’re planning a driveway, you should consider getting a sealant that will last for at least a decade. It’s essential to seal pavers regularly if you want them to last.