Everyone knows the storyline from the fastest runner on the planet, Usain Secure. No denying he grew to become the epitome of speed for everybody around the world, whether it is the U . s . States, Canada, Australia, and also the Uk.

He’s set an archive that appeared impossible to shatter until Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner or Flo Jo grew to become the quickest female sprinter ever that grew to become the subject of question and a few serious speculation.

Therefore, let’s find out about this sports legend and discuss How Did Flo Jo Die.

About Florence D Griffith

Born to some simple group of electrician father Robert along with a dressmaker mother, Florence Griffith, she was the seventh of 11 brothers and sisters. Florence was handed her mother’s name hence she’d a dog name among family people “Dee Dee.”

At the start of existence, her mother moved by helping cover their children to some housing complex in La. Hence Florence increased track of her mother, whose influence might be observed in Florence’s passion for fashion.

Something else about Florence is the fact that she also had Cavernous hemangioma, a benign vascular tumor that may be hereditary. It is crucial information which will later let you know that Did Flo Jo Die.

However, for early years this abnormality within the brain didn’t affect little Florence. Rather, she demonstrated indications of her talent in the initial phases of her existence. During her grade school years, she became a member of a company known as the Sugar Ray Robinson that will meet on weekends to operate. By age 14, Florence has bagged two Jesse Owens National Youth Games prize.

Her Achievements

The achievement story from the fastest lady athlete wouldn’t be short, only one cannot simply read the achievements Flo-Jo (as she was generally referred to as).

So, let’s reveal a few of her famous and groundbreaking achievements before understanding how Did Flo Jo Die.

•           In 1984 she was qualified for Olympic games. Within the trials for that buying process, she banged the 2nd-fastest time record and won a silver medal within the Olympic games.

•           After 1984 she required a rest due to marriage but came back having a massive win within the 1987 World Titles locked in Rome.

•           The title from the fastest lady athlete found her throughout the 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials. She stupefied everybody when she completed 100 meters sprint in only 10.49 seconds after which completed the 200-meter distance in 21.77 seconds.

They were only the beginning of her legacy, also it was obvious that there wasn’t any stopping this sprinting queen.

How Did Flo Jo Die?

Once she got recognition because the fastest lady athlete, she was unstoppable. However, nothing discouraged her until, in Feb 1989, she made the decision to retire. A couple of years after her retirement on 21 September 1998, Flo Jo died in her own sleep because of suffocation throughout a severe seizure.

Her seizures were because of her cavernous hemangioma. However, she did take treating her conditions for a while.


Like a conclusion, Florence D Griffith would be a legend in most sense in her own field. However, it had been never simple for her to beat hurdles professionally or personally when it comes to health. Yet, with determination and persistence, she constantly overcome people round her. She might have died all of a sudden and untimely, but she’s left out a powerful legacy.