Knowledge plays an important role in the workplace and every efficient organization should have processes in place that promote open communication. The team members should have the space to discuss their wins, losses, lessons, and other collective experiences. The company should create a comfortable environment where conversations can take place without affecting the final output. Some tools make it easier to share knowledge and Confluence pricing covers the open communication options as well.  

Open environments can only be created by implementing processes that promote knowledge sharing. When the company has the culture and infrastructure that promotes communication, they find it easier to gro. Even with the right software, the leaders should promote knowledge-sharing practices and develop strategies that encourage team members to communicate.  

Encourage Sharing by Streamlining Culture 

The company culture might take time to change since the teams have to build practices and implement them from scratch. They should take into account how teams or individual employees currently relate to one another and how they deal with information. It is important to categorize the type of information that the organization runs through every day. 

Employees need to be encouraged into sharing by cultivating a generous attitude towards others. A friendly atmosphere where learning from each other is the norm helps make that decision. The difference between the way organizations approach knowledge is important in determining the culture.  

Confluence pricing includes several features that promote joint learning. They are likely to share knowledge relevant to their wins and failures when it comes to experiments. When they are sharing data relevant to the research activities of an organization then they are promoting more transparency. Not withholding any information relevant to projects or campaigns helps the entire team grow and benefit from each other’s experiences


Are Employees Hoarding Information? 

A competitive company culture might force employees to act selfishly when it comes to working together. They might find it useful to keep the information to themselves and this behavior will be reinforced if they are rewarded for it. Employees should be encouraged to recognize others’ efforts and celebrate their achievements. Giving ownership to employees and trusting them to work on their own can help empower teams. 

With Confluence software, teams can identify a project or recurring task that plays to a particular team member’s strengths. When they are given the power to take initiative and make decisions, they will be likely to openly communicate. They will be encouraged to share wins, losses, and setbacks which means they will be sharing the responsibility.  

Are Leaders Setting the Right Example? 

Transparency begins with the leadership and the executives need to understand that whatever precedent they set will be replicated. They should be well-aware of the areas that require improvement and model the necessary practices to promote knowledge sharing. Confluence pricing helps disseminate information across the entire organization. They are trusted to ensure maximum transparency by celebrating the recent wins and sharing lessons from the failures.  

One solution is hosting a company-wide meeting at the end of the quarter where every department is given the floor to discuss their experiences. The project managers should prepare presentations where they will be sharing knowledge on their next project. The goal should be to update all team members on the results from their work and analyze the issues or challenges they might face. 

Setting Up a Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure 

The infrastructure includes all the physical and digital systems that directly or indirectly influence employee behavior. It is important to promote an environment that helps team members be more open with each other. Confluence project management software offers several different approaches for aligning team communication.  

Choose the Right Software 

The company infrastructure heavily relies on technical tools and they rely on those to complete tasks. The goal is to find the right software that can support the existing processes and nudge the company in the right direction.  

Confluence Project Management Software 

Confluence pricing includes features used to share information internally with the help of its blog features. The objective is to reduce the number of meetings or length of email threads. It helps create new strategies and plan projects with collaborative documents. The entire organization can inform each other of their wins, failures, and lessons. Work is open to users by default and there are no roadblocks when it comes to permissions. The employees have access to the collective knowledge base as long as they are permitted.  


Slack is a popular communication tool and it encourages instant answers and updates. Teams can engage in quick discussions and provide feedback in a contextualized manner. Confluence software can integrate with Slack so all the chats happening on the platform can be accessed through it too. This brings all the information to one place and saves it for posterity. These tools are useful for knowledge sharing and work best with teams of all sizes. 

Promote Human Connection 

Meetings are essential to every organization but they should be redesigned to promote a stronger human connection. Beginning each meeting with casual conversation about neutral topics can help break the ice. The leaders should adopt practices that acknowledge that their team members are more than just coworkers. When they are allowed to share their personal life they are bound to be more comfortable around each other. 

Confluence pricing is justified by how it allows the meetings can be structured to set a few minutes aside for the icebreaking session. The team can share jokes, discuss world events, or celebrate personal milestones. This way they are more relaxed and open to discussion. 

Rearrange the Office Space 

Physical space also contributes towards the knowledge-sharing culture too. A restrictive or cramped office can psychologically affect the employees. They might not feel like they have the room to share or connect with others. Rearranging the furniture to create an open room will allow people to talk and communicate informally as well. 

These small changes can affect the team dynamic and promote collaboration in a much more holistic and impactful manner. When teams are sharing information, they are more likely to grow as individuals and organizations.