These vintage-inspired home décor accents will make you want soulful style from different periods, illustrating that what’s old can be fresh again.

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Details about the cane

It’s maybe no wonder that, as natural materials like cotton and fiber art like macramé have resurfaced in popularity in the last year or two, caning has followed suit. It’s a sophisticated, artistic take on rattan that works well in a variety of situations, particularly on chairs and cabinet doors.

You can find vintage art deco furniture that, thanks to great craftsmanship, have frequently held up nicely over time. Caned furniture in current disco-glam shapes is available in many home stores.

Wallpaper with a lot of color

Wallpaper is having a huge, big moment, maybe as part of the comeback of maximalism. These aren’t your grandmother’s wallpaper, though: they’re large, bold, and lush. Expect jungle motifs, botanicals, and vivid blooms to take center stage, as well as new textures made possible by technological and manufacturing advancements.

Another contemporary take on a classic wall covering: Consider a wallpaper mural as an option. They don’t have a repeating pattern and may be resized to fit the proportions of your space, giving it a one-of-a-kind vibe.

Furniture that has been reused

Find a fresh use for old furniture that has been sitting around for a while. If you have a record cabinet but don’t collect vinyl anymore, it may be used as a drink cart.

In this scenario, while traditional bathroom vanities are useful, they appear dated in 2022. Retrofitting a historical piece of furniture, such as a credenza or dresser, as your vanity might provide some historic appeal.

Postmodern Design

Right on cue: late-’80s and early-’90s trends are making a comeback, and trendy interiors influencers are already incorporating them into their homes in huge ways.

Postmodern style is characterized by large, strong geometrics, unabashed color, and pop art, and it may be found in practically every area of the house.

After years of all-white, mega-tailored restraint, postmodern style’s enormous, over-bright, devil-may-care attitude seems luxurious, lively, and thrilling.

Tones of the Earth

Sunsets in the desert provide the scorching, hot, hot Earth tones that are so popular right now. Terra-cotta, rust, marigold, and dusty rose are just a few of the colors to consider. Combine them for an almost tone-on-tone palette that feels both anchoring and revitalizing, similar to a vacation to a desert resort.

Washed linen bedding has a warm, lived-in feel without sacrificing refinement. In virtually every area, it may just as well be a wall hue or a plush rug underfoot.

Lights from a Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse lights, which first appeared in the 1920s, lighted huge places such as libraries and classrooms, in part because just one was required to cast a wide, diffused light.

Purists buy them online from buildings that are being renovated or demolished, or from salvage yards. However, excellent copies have appeared in lighting retailers all over the world. What’s old is new again, and what’s true remains true: they continue to cast a lot of lovely, diffused light. As a result, they’re both attractive and useful.

Tiles produced by hand

Nothing beats something crafted by a human hand for adding soul and vintage charm to a place. Mercury Mosaics’ artisan tile may be done in a variety of historic tile styles in this scenario.

Hexagon floral motifs are reminiscent of pre-war architecture. Prairie-style houses conjure up images of Craftsman squares. Moroccan fish scales, like shopping in Marrakesh, feel both old and jet-set modern.

The twist: Today’s tilemakers aren’t afraid to experiment with color combinations or combine styles for a fresh perspective on classic forms.


As the mid-century modern movement’s harsher angles recede from the home-trends scene, softer forms are emerging to take their place. Doorways that are squared off suddenly feel… square.

Enter through the archway. They appear to be everywhere, framing doors and room entrances and exits. By directing the eye upward, archways give a room apparent height. Consider an archway that provides a touch of drama without being too ornate.

French Mirrors

A French-style mirror is a fashionable alternative for individuals who wish to take a classically fashioned house and make it more grandiose. A French mirror combines purpose and aesthetic, and these mirrors may be found on walls all around the world. Use one in a wallpapered entrance, a polished bathroom, or as a gallery wall accent. It comes in a variety of shapes and pricing, making it a simple and on-trend choice.

Colored/Painted Cabinets

The demand for color cabinets will continue to climb as supply chains catch up and cabinet producers finally create place in their schedules. They’re especially popular among fans of authentic English cottage cabinetry.

Dark green has been a popular color option in recent years. A less-traditional colour is another choice for conventional cabinetry. A vintage classic is updated with a pop of coral pink.

Still not certain that a color cabinet is the right choice for you? Antiques stores and salvage yards are flooded with wood cabinet collectors looking for vintage salvage cabinets.

Silhouettes with Curves

Curvilinear (composed of or bordered by curved lines) silhouettes appear in the most prominent spots. Sofas and chairs, such as the one pictured here.

Curvilinear pieces, which extend outward from the clean lines of mid-century furniture, take up more visible and physical space, conveying a sense of informal elegance and ease. Perhaps, like our fashion’s transition from denim to elastic waistband-joggers, being connected closer to home has fostered a need for softness and sprawl.

Look for ’70s-inspired office chairs and side chairs that may be utilized in practically any space, in addition to couches.