People say everything tastes better when they are mini-sized, but then the regular chicken is also good but certainly not as good as mini chicken pot pies. They are easy to prepare, easy to serve, and of course, they taste amazing. 

The mixture of chicken, veggies, and some delicious gravy can make the ideal dinner when prepared appropriately. But what is the appropriate way to cook mini chicken pot pies? There is probably no specific way to cook mini chicken pot pies, but here is a recipe that will help you prepare a wonderful dinner with mini chicken pot pies.

Required Ingredients

The list of ingredients might look long but trust me when it is all worth the effort. Additionally, these ingredients are readily available, so, certainly, you will not need to work very hard to get these ingredients. So let’s start.

  • Boneless Or Skinless Chicken Breasts: You can cut them into smaller pieces in case you want to cook them faster.
  • Onion: Take one onion, cut it into half, and use the first half for cooking and the other half for fillings.
  • Bay Leaf: Dry or fresh does not matter as long as it tastes good.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Sub this with butter for enhanced taste.  
  • Mushrooms: Use the canned mushrooms but feel free to go with the fresh ones if available.
  • Celery: Just a single rib will do the job
  • Frozen Carrot And Peas: Try to use the fresh ones as they take less time, but even the frozen ones will taste just as good.
  • Butter: Make sure you use good quality genuine butter and not the alternatives.
  • Flour: You need something to thicken the gravy anyway.
  • Chicken Broth: Add some flavor to the fillings
  • Cream: Everybody likes it thick and creamy
  • Dijon Mustard: Feel free to use the smooth or grainy ones 
  • Fresh Tyme And Dill: Go for the fresh herbs as long as possible.
  • Puff Pastry: You will find them in the frozen section at the grocery store.
  • Egg: Enhance the shine of the pastry with some delicious egg.

Procedure For Making The Dish

  1. Cook the chicken and place it in a pot with half piece of onion and some bay leaf. Add some water and cover it. Cook the same till the chicken is cooked. Place the pot over medium heat and continue cooking.
  1. Preheat the microwave and spray some nonstick cooking spray generously.
  1. Heat the olive oil and some mushroom, onion, celery and cook until it softens. Then add some peas and carrots as well.  
  1. Hot some butter and add some flour to the mix. Cook it for a couple of minutes and add some chicken broth, mustard, cream, along with some pepper and salt with a tinge of veggies.
  1. Add some flour and get started with rolling the puff pastry in a rectangular shape.
  1. Add the filling to every cup.                 
  1. Bake the same until they turn brown. 

Delicious Treat

Follow this recipe, and you will have the ideal chicken dinner that you could prepare using mini chicken pot pies. With an idea around getting all the necessary items for your chicken pot recipe, we hope you make the best one yet. All in all, enjoy your meal.