Heidi Firkus’ mysterious death in 2010 generated much interest and debate. The case is full of twists and turn, with allegations, suspicions and a decade long wait for justice. Dateline NBC will be presenting a chilling episode titled 65 Seconds on October 20, 2023.

The Crime Scene April 2010

Heidi Firkus’ frantic 911 calls in the early morning hours of the 25th April 2010 disrupted the tranquility of the St. Paul neighborhood. She reported an invasion of her home. Nick Firkus called her shortly after to describe a confrontation between an intruder, and the firing of guns, which injured both Nick and Heidi. Heidi died tragically from her injuries.

Nick’s description of a mysterious Black intruder was the main focus for years. Evidence, or lack thereof, began pointing in another direction.

A Decade of Silence

Nick, who had been married to Rachel for over a decade and had three children with her, seemed to have moved on from the case. He had married Rachel and had three more kids together. It was as if he had forgotten about Heidi’s death or its investigation. Nick’s investigation was prompted by suspicions and financial pressures that returned as he reopened the case.

Nick’s arrest and Rachel’s suspicion

Rachel began to worry about their financial situation by 2021. Unbeknownst, Rachel was in the same situation as Nick and Heidi a decade before. Rachel was uneasy about this eerie parallel and decided to contact law enforcement.

Nick’s arrest was made in May 2021 due to the suspicions of his second wife and Sgt. Nichole Sipes’ investigative prowess. Many people were shocked by the arrest. They had thought that the case was closed.

The Trial and Prosecution Standpoint

The prosecution presented a detailed timeline of Nick Firkus’ financial struggles in 2023 as he stood trial. Their argument revolved around Nick’s claim that Heidi was not informed of the severity of their financial circumstances and, out of fear of humiliation or confrontation, Nick killed her. The suspicion was that Nick’s story of an attempted home invasion could have been invented in order to divert the attention from him and avoid trouble with law-enforcement authorities.

In court, Nick’s story was challenged for its inconsistencies and lack of evidence of forced entry. The absence of physical or DNA evidence that would suggest the presence of the intruder was the most convincing evidence.

Verdict & Aftermath

After an exhaustive trial and careful consideration of evidence presented during his lengthy trial, an unanimous jury found Nick Firkus guilty of first degree murder – providing relief but also forcing family and friends to come to terms with this reality.

Nick was sentenced to a life without parole following his trial, thus sealing his fate and sending him directly behind bars in Rush City Correctional Facility as per Minnesota Department of Correctional Records.

Media Perception and Attention

Locally and nationally, the case attracted a lot of attention. The “65 Seconds'” episode of Dateline NBC offers a detailed chronology, revealing interviews and in-depth analysis. While viewers wait for this in-depth analysis, speculations and discussions about the case continue to be rife online, on forums and social media. This highlights society’s fascination with true crime.

The case of Nick Firkus is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of humanity and its ability to deceive. This leads to complex webs of deception, which are often undetected and only revealed later through new details and insights. Justice is paramount, no matter how long it takes.


  1. What is the Nick Firkus Case about?
    Nick Firkus, who was convicted in 2010 of killing his wife Heidi, blamed the crime on an intruder that did not exist.
  2. When was Nick Firkus arrested?
    After a decade of crime, Nick Firkus’ second wife Rachel expressed suspicions in May 2021.
  3. What was Nick Nick’s explanation of Heidi’s death
    Nick claimed that a Black man intruder had broken into their house, which led to a confrontation leading to the fatal shooting.
  4. How many days did the trial last for?
    In 2021 the cold case was opened again, and Nick Firkus found guilty in February 2023 of first-degree homicide.
  5. Where has Nick Firkus gone?
    According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Nick Firkus has been sentenced to life in prison at Rush City Correctional Facility.