Have you ever purchased something online frequently? Do you feel a sense of security purchasing products? Many are cautious about the latest blogs on the internet. We might be skeptical about its credibility and therefore be wary of making any online transactions.

Hecram is an online store that promises to sell clothes toys for children, daily electronic gadgets, and other odd products. Customers from America have been talking about it. United States have been discussing the website for some time. This is why you should take a look at our Hecram Review to gain a full knowledge of the website.

What’s Hecram Website?

Hecram could be a one-stop shopping portal for Internet users from the United States. The purpose of the site is to offer clothing to kids and teens.

  • Toys for kids Toys
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Accessories
  • Pet Products
  • Backpacks.

The gateway is simple, and lacks any sort of an appealing design however, all of the products featured are incredibly basic features. The descriptions are thorough for each item available.

To determine this we’ll have to examine the credibility of the company and we’ll discuss this in this article to ensure that customers can buy online safely. Let’s investigate whether Hecram legitimateor not.

The specifications from the Hecram Website

  • Official Portal Link- https://www.hecram.com/
  • Address 1011 White Lily Church Road, Somerset ky 42501
  • Domain Names Created On May 31st 2021
  • Products – Toys for Adults & Kids, Appliances etc.
  • Contact Email Address: contact@hecram.com
  • Contact Number – 445-202-558
  • Payment through – AMEX, VISA, MasterCard as well as other credit and online payment options are accepted.
  • Refunds are accepted within 30 days from the date you purchased the item.
  • Refunds – Within 14 days after purchasing the item.
  • Shipping Details – Within 3 days of purchase, and no shipping.
  • Delivery Cost – Even though the services are offered worldwide however, delivery charges are non-existent.

This Hecram Review will help you review the site further by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of buying on the site.

Advantages of purchasing on Hecram:

  • High-quality clothes at affordable prices;
  • All things are clearly described.
  • There are a variety of payment options are readily available.
  • An array of choices for all different ages.

Cons of buying from Hecram:

  • There are no reviews available on the site.
  • The site is fairly general and doesn’t have a particular theme.
  • The product appears to be causing the mistake.
  • The phone number on the website and address seem suspect.
  • The policies on exchange and return are not clear and, therefore, appear to be a bit shaky.

Is Hecram Legit?

Hecram is a website we’ve investigated and will give you a thorough review. We found issues with the website that led us to suspect it therefore we advised our readers to look them up before buying any item. Be aware of the following tips before purchasing this online business

  • Domain Age Hackers will definitely profit from the fact that the portal’s online version was launched just the last 132 days, on May 31, 2021.
  • Address – A address is listed, however when we did a search on it specifically the address appeared to be fake.
  • Customer Reviews If we were able to find some Hecram reviews online, they have all declared the site to be a fraud.
  • Social Media: The internet portal does not contain information related to social media.
  • Email Address: In the event there are any questions or concerns customers can get in touch via the email address provided.
  • Owner’s Information- Not listed on the site.
  • Trust Score – In our examination, we discovered that the trust score of the website stands at 28 out of 100. This is a poor score.
  • Policies- A few of the information about exchanges or refund, as well as shipping were a bit shady which could lead to swindle.
  • Alexa Rank the Hecram site has an Alexa ranking of 257,173.

Continue reading for our final opinion on the legitimacy of the website.

Hecram Reviews

Prior to making any purchases on the internet, make certain you’ve done your research. There are scam companies out there looking to take your money. The number of reviews a site receives will determine its legitimacy.

We think Hecram is a deceitful internet site based on the data we’ve collected. Because of its age it’s not a good place to find products or authentic reviews to make our assumptions based on. Therefore, before making your final choice, verify all the above factors. Then, you should read How to Request Refunds from PayPal If You’ve been scammed?

Final Decision

We believe that this site to be fraudulent as we have stated in our Hecram Review. We strongly advise readers to not purchase any items from this site which sells appliances as well as children’s or adult toy. If you’ve been the victim of credit fraud here’s how you can get your money back from scammers.