Gisele Khory A Pillar in Press Freedom Has Passed Lebanon and the Arab world mourn Gisele Khory, a champion of media and cultural liberty who passed away at age 62 after undergoing cancer treatment. As tributes pour in for her lifetime of dedication as an advocate for press freedom her legacy will continue to live on forever in history books.

Gisele Khoury: a Snapshot

Personal DetailSummary
Full nameGisele Khoury
Age of Death62
Foundation roleSamir Kassir, President of the Samir Kassir foundation for media and cultural freedom (SKEyes),
Major ContributionsPress freedom advocacy in Lebanon and across the Middle East
Media roles of noteBBC Arabic host, contributor to Al-Arabiya and presenter at LBCI
LegacyUnwavering support for media freedom and cultural advocacy across the Arab World

Who is Gisele Khoury?

Gisele was a journalistic force that was indispensable not only in Lebanon, but also throughout the Middle East. Gisele Khoury began her career in 1985 at LBCI Lebanon, and then moved on to Al-Arabiya before moving onto BBC Arabic and hosting “The Scene.” Her career flourished over three decades with notable roles for each network.

Khoury, in addition to her work on screen, was the president of the Samir Kassir Foundation for Media and Cultural Freedom. The foundation was named after her late husband Samir Kassir, a journalist who was assassinated because of his outspoken opposition to the Syrian regime. It has been leading the charge in defending the press freedom of the region.

What was her contribution towards press freedom?

Khoury was adamant in her advocacy of a free press. She was involved in many struggles for press liberty, both in her own country and the Middle East as a whole. Samir Kassir Foundation became an international beacon of freedom of expression and media right under her leadership.

Her courage and strength, despite heartache and tragedy are unmatched. They leave a lasting impression. Ayman Mehanna of SKeyes noted that she turned tragedies into an opportunity to create and defend liberty.

What was the reaction of the world to her death?

Various groups paid heartfelt tributes to Khoury upon hearing of her death. Joseph Kossaify praised her courage, professionalism and unwavering dedication to freedom. Fouad Siniora, the former Prime Minister of Egypt, remembered her for her unwavering commitment to freedom and her strong moral values.

Mark Daou, MP for Forces of Change, also expressed the enormous void that her death left: “I lost a piece of myself when I learned of the passing of a close friend and guide.”

What is the future of the Samir Kassir Foundation ?

The foundation is at a critical point with Khoury’s death. The foundation’s commitment to the ideals that she fought for remains unwavering. Mehanna sums up the shared mission of both women: “Gisele wanted us to keep moving forward so that is exactly what we’ll continue doing.

The death of Gisele Khory is a huge loss to journalism. Her legacy as a beacon for hope, resilience and commitment to freedom of the press will ensure her influence continues to be felt by future generations.

Giselle Khoury FAQ

Who is Gisele Khoury?

A prominent Lebanese Journalist and Advocate for Media Freedom

What is the name of her foundation?

Samir Kassir Foundation for Media and Cultural Freedom

When did she start her career?

In 1985, the channel LBCI began broadcasting.

What was the cause of Gisele Khoury’s death?

She was 62 years old when she died of cancer.

What is her legacy?

A staunch advocate of cultural and press freedom.