We’ve all been there: you’re ordering dinner from your favourite restaurant for a night in. The splurge is worthwhile, and you don’t need to get dressed up if you’re not going somewhere. But then it hits you – the meal delivery cost — when you place your order. In some circumstances, it’s only a few dollars. Others are significantly more (we’ve seen up to $20 delivery costs). Then you start second-guessing yourself. After all, you could put on shoes to pick up your order.

Can I Get Free Food Delivery From Restaurants?

Sometimes. And we’re about to teach you how to accomplish it. But first, a little background – you may recall the spring of 2020. In a period when people were unwilling to buy or touch anything that hadn’t been disinfected beforehand, restaurants utilised free delivery as an enticement to persuade people to order. Restaurants are also dealing with another demand issue: too much demand and a labour scarcity. And some retailers are reconsidering the viability of showering customers with freebies. As a result, complimentary shipping is a little more difficult to come by. In reality, several restaurants exclusively provide free delivery to members of their loyalty programmes (and thus paying monthly fees). CouponPlusDeal have the best Max Fashion Promo Code and Ounass Discount Code for your online shopping.

Is the Delivery Fee the Same Thing as a Tip?

No, always tip when having food delivered. In most circumstances, the delivery fee helps a restaurant offset the fees and costs associated with delivering food. It is not given to the driver. Most restaurant and food delivery service apps (Grubhub, Uber Eats, and so on) allow you to simply add a tip to demonstrate your thanks to your driver.

Restaurants and Apps With Free Food Delivery

Please bear in mind that while we make every effort to keep this information up to current, things do change. When feasible, we’ll provide expiration dates on the deals we publish so you can see if a free meal delivery offer is still available. We recommend that you join the reward programmes of any restaurants where you often order. We’ve noticed that many restaurants are restricting special deals (including free delivery) to their members alone.

It’s also vital to note that most chains now work with delivery apps (like Uber, Doordash and Postmates). And those applications have their own free delivery promotions. Check your applications even if a restaurant does not provide free meal delivery.

Amazon Free Food Delivery

New in 2022! Amazon Prime subscribers now have ANOTHER advantage: A free year of Grubhub+ membership, which entitles you to free delivery. Instead of paying the standard $9.99 per month for Grubhub+, Prime members may sign up here.

Boston Market Free Delivery

Most Boston Market orders are eligible for free delivery if you satisfy a certain order minimum (which varies by area). We placed an order for about $40 on the Boston Market website and received free delivery. Meanwhile, a delivery cost of $7 was added to our bill as a delivery charges.

Cheesecake Factory Free Delivery

The Cheesecake Factory participates in DoorDash’s free first-order delivery programme. Simply download the DoorDash app, place your first purchase (at the Cheesecake Factory), and you will not be charged for delivery.

DoorDash Free Delivery

Are you new to DoorDash? Good news: DoorDash provides free delivery from hundreds of partner restaurants on your first purchase. Simply seek for the $0 shipping cost while shopping. A minimum order is frequently needed.

After you have your free delivery, you can still save money on DoorDash by using RetailMeNot to get 1% cash back on all orders (expires July 31).

Drizly Free Delivery

Get some wine or beer to go with your food delivery. Alcohol delivery service Drizly is promoting a coupon code on its social media channels that entitles you to free delivery. We definitely got this deal:

Grubhub Free Delivery

For new clients, Grubhub provides free delivery at select eateries. Examine your app. Alternatively, you may get free shipping coupon codes here.

If you use Grubhub regularly, consider signing up for Grubhub+. It’s a membership programme that includes free shipping on orders of $12 or more. GH+ is $9.99 per month (but you can get a free trial). If you have a Bank of America account, you can get a free year of Grubhub+ (valid for BofA credit, debit and small business card holders).

Insomnia Cookies

Subscribing to the CookieMagic programme ($9.99 per month) entitles you to free delivery. In addition, if you visit a real store, you will receive one free cookie every day.

Schlotzsky’s Free Delivery

Every Saturday and Sunday through November 27, consumers who order delivery from Schlotzky’s will pay no delivery expenses. The discount will be applied immediately at the checkout. Because this discount does not apply to third-party delivery services, you must order directly through the Schlotzky’s app.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is offering free delivery on purchases over $25 for a limited period. To take advantage of this offer, you must order through the chain’s website or app. Not all addresses are eligible for delivery, and the minimum order is $25 before taxes.