Currently many online casinos allow players to pay with Bitcoin. This form is extremely convenient, the transaction time is fast, players can comfortably use it at any time.

Choosing the right payment method is extremely important when players join the fish tables online. The development of technology is increasingly advanced, the internet is widely covered and the payment methods are more and more. Players have many options to experience if participating in the fish table game. Online casinos understand the wants and needs of players, that’s why Cash App was born.

The form of payment by cash application supports extremely many players. This method will be further developed in the future. Through the article, players can pay with a Cash app when playing a fish tables online!

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What is Cash app?

Cash app is a payment application that can be used by mobile. Players only need to download the mobile application, register an account and link to the bank they want to transact with. Currently Cash app is compatible with both popular operating systems, iOS and Android.

Players can pay cash quickly and simply with just a few steps. The Cash app also allows players to pay Bitcoin compatible payments. According to statistics, up to 30 million people have downloaded the Cash app to their mobile phones and are satisfied with the service of this application. In addition to cash payments, players can also trade living expenses, using the money to bet online.

The transaction time is extremely fast, the feature is compatible with Bitcoin, so players can use the application to buy or sell Bitcoin through the application. This is really convenient because players don’t need to load another account if they want to exchange cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit using a cash app at an fish tables online?

How to use the Cash app is not too difficult, if players want to use it to join the fish tables online, players only need to download the application to their mobile phones, create an account and deposit their bets. The specific process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Players deposit money into the account via debit card, credit card or linked to a bank account. The money app is free to pay with the bank connected by the app. If the player uses a credit card, the transaction fee is usually 3%.
  • Step 2: Players buy bitcoins with Cash app. The player can then withdraw or deposit money into the e-wallet. All player transaction information is recorded by the system.
  • Step 3: Players deposit Bitcoin to their account, then select “withdraw Bitcoin” on the application => get Bitcoin wallet address QR code at the website to withdraw money.

How to withdraw money with Cash app

After each fish table games online, players can withdraw the bonus with only 3 steps as follows:

  • Request payment at online casino

At the online casino where the player participates in entertainment, the player selects the Menu and moves to the withdrawal section and selects “pay with Bitcoin”.

  • Submit player’s wallet address

From the fish table game, players only need to deposit their money into the Bitcoin wallet => Cash App with a betting account address or QR code. The way to find the address or QR code is as follows: Bank => Bitcoin => Send Bitcoin.

  • Pending payment to process

The player returns to the online casino and chooses to “withdraw” from the newly joined fish tables versions. Players choose the amount they want to withdraw into the Cash app. The player then checks the Bitcoin to USD conversion information before confirming the transaction.

In general, Cash app possesses many advantages, worthy of an e-wallet that players can trust and use. If players have a need to join the fish game, need to find a simple form of payment and transaction in a short time, players should look to the Cash app, there is no transaction fee. Players do not miss the opportunity, find a quality online fish tables and register a betting account for the most authentic experience!