The world is home to billions of people. around 40 people have around 39.3 percent of the world’s riches, which is a staggering amount. A large portion of the population from the United Kingdomand United United States have millions of dollars in their pockets. However, there are people who earn their money through legal means, while others are paid unfairly as per the laws.

Dario Antonio is one of these millionaire, but before we get to know the details of Dario Antonio Usuga David’s Net Worth , let’s look at his life.

The beginning of life and affiliations

Dario was born the 15th of September 1971. He is known as Otoniel his nickname. He is a narcotrafficker who is from Colombia as well as the leader of the Gulf Clan, a drug trafficking organization. David was among the communist guerilla organization called The Popular Liberation Army until it was disbanded in 1991. Following that, he joined the United Self Defense, Colombia. The arrest took place in the month of October 2021. However, many would like to know more about Dario Antonio Usuga David’s net worth.

Dario was a operative as a spokesman for Daniel Rendom Herrera in the year 2005. He later became the leader of Los Urabenos. Los Urabenos, which is an organized crime group with Giovanni, his brother. Giovanni in the year 2009. Dario was in complete control of the organization after his brother was killed during the police investigation.


The authorities of Colombian intelligence uncovered Usuga’s hiding place in Uraba at the beginning of October 2021. The location of his hideout was tracked by Cartel members who assisted him by bringing the right kind of medicine he needed for his kidney condition. His capture was not simple for the police. The knowledge of Dario Antonio Usuga David’s Net Worth may be exciting however, the way he carried out his work by him was shady and caused a lot of harm to thousands of individuals.

El Blanco, a codenamed military unit, travelled and secured the hideout of Usuga with thousands of troops with 10 surveillance drones, as well as 20 helicopters during the morning hours of the 22nd of October. The routes that could be used to escape, such as roads rivers, sea, rivers were blocked. They were successful in the capture of Usuga on the 23rd of October. Usuga was wanted as a drug dealer, and in exchange in exchange for his capture Colombia’s government Colombia offered a $800,000 reward.

Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth

According to reports that the estimated net value of Usuga up to 2020 was between $1 million and $5 million. The majority of the money earned by him is derived from drug trafficking. He is a member of the Government of New York, Colombia has issued massive bounties following his arrest. his arrest finally came on October 23, 2021.


In closing the material We gathered a lot of details about David’s childhood as well as his capture and net worth. Unfortunately, his ways were unjust, and this wealth is not worth anything. For more information regarding David Antonia Usuga check out this page.