Luxurious homes and five-digit mortgage payments are common among wealthy celebrities. What the normal person dreams is a drop in the ocean compared to the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. We all know that celebrities don’t shy away from multi-million dollar homes. In some cases, celebs have multiple million-dollar properties to show off. That, in addition to fast cars and Gucci handbags, makes it difficult for the normal person to relate to celebrities.

But what are the most luxurious homes celebs own? To answer that, here are the five celebrity multi-million dollar houses to check out.

Bill Gates’ $125 Million Lakehouse

The Microsoft co-founder doesn’t shy away from his fortunes. Throughout the decades, Bill Gates was voted by Forbes as the “richest man in the world” a total of 18 times! His current net worth is a whopping $128 billion. With that kind of money, a house valued at $125 million is a drop in the ocean. But what is so special about Gates’ mega-mansion in Medina, Washington?

Well, for starters, the entire property is 66,000 square-foot and was built in 1989. It rests on Lake Washington and has a private beach with sand imported from the Caribbeans. For a house of this price, expect to see plenty of expensive amenities. And sure indeed, the house looks anything like a normal house. To purchase the land, Gates spent $2 million and a further $65 million to make it look extravagant. It is said that Gates employed 200 workers to build the house. Gates paid property taxes over $1 million in 2009 alone!

Elon Musk’s $35 Million Colonial House

Elon Musk overtook Gates as the richest person in the world. His fortunes amass $229 billion, which is nearly 100 billion more than Gates. But unlike Gates, Musk is on a mission to live a modest life. As such, Elon sold his house for $35 million back in 2021.

But what’s so special about this property? The house is yet another mega-mansion in San Francisco. But the mansion has been around for quite some time now – more than 100 years. Yep, you heard that right. Elon Musk’s last house is more than a century old. It covers 16,000 square-foot, which is no short of elegant living space. The location has a prime view of the entire city and has more than ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, a ballroom, a library, and even a flower-arranging room.

After moving to Texas in his SpaceX base, Musk officially lives in a modest $50,000 house close to the base. While it might sound strange for the richest man to live like this, Musk needs every bit of fortune to help humanity reach Mars.

George Clooney’s $100 Million House

It’s been some time since we’ve seen Clooney appear on the screen. But throughout this heyday, Clooney has managed to amass a fortune of nearly $500 million. Comparing Clooney with the likes of Gates and Musk sounds silly. But what’s more impressive is that Mr. Ocean himself spend one-fifth of his fortune on the extravagant Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Italy. The villa itself resides on Lake Como. Lake Como is a popular building place for celebrities and entrepreneurs. The list of rich people with holiday villas on Lake Como includes Sting, Sir Richard Branson, Arkady Novikov, and Matthew Bellamy, among others.

Clooney’s $100 million lakeside villa covers an area of 35,520 square feet and has nine bedrooms, four bathrooms, a tennis court, a concert hall, a cinema room, and dozens of amenities.

George Lucas’ $100 Million Ranch House

The Star Wars creator also doesn’t shy when it comes to owning luxurious properties. Some say his $100 million California Ranch is the director’s prized possession. The house sits on a whopping 26-acre property. It has many of the amenities you would expect from the man that made SciFi cool. The list of amenities includes a 300 seat outdoor theater, vineyard, outdoor swimming pool, a farm, an apiary where Lucas makes his honey, 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and more. Simply said, the list goes on.

Lucas’ property is said to be the 3rd most expensive house in the world.

Jay Z and Beyonce’s $88 Million House

Finishing off this list is none other than Jay Z and Beyonce’s $88 million Bell Air mansion. The property itself is exquisite. Jay Z personally designed the garage to hold 15 cars whenever his Hollywood friends come to visit. The property itself gets the name “Los Angeles Pad,” and it sure lives up to its name.

Some of the amenities found around the house include a swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a basketball court, a fully-equipped spa, and dozens of rooms and bathrooms.