For how long have you been parenting a dog? By now, you might be aware of their every action and emotion. So, what is the scariest one? Is it when they are angry, or is it when they are scared? These reactions are challenging to handle, as they may not calm down. One common trigger occurs when there is a thunderstorm. Imagine hearing a thunder suddenly; wouldn’t you be startled by it? Your dog experiences the same, and it aggravates when there is a storm. You may see them bark and be restless at this moment. How can you help them ease these? If you want to know about it, read some tips to help your furry friend brave a storm:

Be With Them: What happens when you fear a certain thing? You may want a loved one to be by your side. You are that one person for your dog when they feel scared! So, when there is a storm, don’t leave your dog alone as it will worsen their anxiety. Try to be home if you see bad weather in the forecast.

Create Calmness Around: Your pet needs your attention when they are anxious. Provide your attention and comfort so that they have the emotional support to rely on. Are you worried that your dog will do this again to gain your attention? Honestly, it is not valid, as they cannot learn when overstimulated. You can also give them a calming massage, so they relax during the storm.

Add Distractions Around: Your dog may show inappropriate behavior during the storm as their attention focuses on perceiving it as a threat. Do you know that you can avoid this? Simply distracting them with music, TV, or a whistling noise can help. How about engaging them with indoor fetch or tug? Give them a pacifier or chew at this time as their attention shifts from thunder sounds to licking.

Allot A Safe Place: Where does your fur baby mostly snuggle or prefer to sleep? Assure that their comfort place is free from mess. Take them to that place and allow them to rest. If it’s a soundproof room, that’s great! Is it possible to arrange a crate for them? If yes, then go ahead as it can positively influence their comfort level. Blinding the shelter will also eliminate the visual stimulation of a storm.

Arrange Calming Remedies: Dogs can sense a storm before it has even occurred. They may start showing signs before you know of an extreme weather change. What can be done here? Give them a thunder jacket replicated soothing and swaddling. Diffuse some good smells in your house to promote relaxation. You can also get CBD oil for dogs from King Kanine, as it will have a calming effect on your dog. You will find numerous varieties of soothing dog products from their online store. Their products are totally organic with no side effects. From grooming kits to tasty treats, you will find all possible relaxing things for your pet here. We recommend you to have this delivered beforehand as you may require it anytime (even apart from the stormy scenario).

Call The Vet: If your dog is not responding to any of the strategies above, it is better if you call the veterinarian and discuss their issue. As the weather is cold, the discomfort can also be due to cracked paws or a dry nose. Use natural ways to heal them or talk to your vet to find beneficial ways of dealing with it and the anxiety. If not, try medications as it is the last resort after all!

Storm can wreak havoc in your house, especially when there is a dog. But it’s something they cannot control, so have patience and try these techniques. One tactic may not work, but don’t stress as you will achieve the right technique with trials and error. Once the storm is gone, educate your fur baby about it by desensitizing them with sounds (low to high) of thunder on a music system. So, the next time it occurs, they don’t get anxious.