Birthstones have long been thought to bring good luck and ward off negative energies, and for good reason – these gems possess powerful metaphysical properties. In this article, we will be taking a look at the meanings of each birthstone according to the month in which it is most potent. So put on your thinking cap – it’s time to get studying!

January – Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for January. This gem is known for its strong color and high luster. Garnet is said to bring honesty, sincerity, and courage to the wearer. Also, Garnet is said to protect the wearer from disease and bad luck.

Some other names for Garnet include Aquamarine and Carlsonite.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone that is known for its spiritual and mystical properties. It typically comes in shades of purple, but can also be found in white or black varieties. According to folklore, amethyst was once used as an agent of protection by Egyptian royalty. The stone is said to promote calmness, intuition, and creativity. Amethyst is also associated with the element of water and the astral plane.

In February, amethyst symbolizes spiritual growth and new beginnings. The color amethyst represents the heart chakra and brings awareness to our inner emotions. It helps us connect with our intuition and protect us from negative energy. Wear amethyst to help you find clarity in your thoughts, make new connections, and boost your self-confidence.

March – Bloodstone

March is the month of bloodstones. This gem is known for its protective and grounding properties. Bloodstone is said to bring strength and courage during difficult times. It is also thought to help clear negative energy and bring peace. Additionally, this gem is excellent for grounding and stabilizing energy. The best way to use a bloodstone is by wearing it as a pendant or adding it to jewelry.

April – Diamond

April is a month of love and affection, and diamonds are often thought to represent these qualities. Diamonds are said to be the most beloved gemstone because they are so rare and have a long history of being associated with romance and marriage. Throughout history, diamonds have been given as gifts between lovers, as part of dowries, and as an expression of congratulations.

The color blue is also associated with love and affection in April. The ancient Greeks believed that the blue-green color of the iris indicated the presence of Venus, the goddess of love. Consequently, April is also known as Venus’ month. In some parts of the world, including India, Japan, and Mexico, April is also considered to be a fertility month because it is during this time that flowers start to bloom.

May – Emerald

Emerald is the stone of transformation. It helps to increase focus and concentration and is known to stimulate intuition and creativity. Emerald is believed to help heal the heart and ease anxiety. For example, if you are considering a major life change, wearing an emerald may help you to make the decision with greater clarity and certainty. Keep in mind that emerald is not always easy to find, so if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, be sure to shop early.

June – Turquoise

June is a month of change, new beginnings, and fresh starts. It symbolizes the arrival of summertime and is associated with the colors blue and green. Turquoise is said to be a calming color that helps promote peace and serenity. It is also known to protect against anxiety and depression and is thought to bring good luck. Plus, it just looks really pretty!

July – Onyx

Onyx is the July birthstone. This gem is thought to protect against negative energy. It is also said to promote self-confidence, strength, and wisdom. Not to mention, it is a symbol of luxury and wealth. The color black is also associated with Onyx, as it is the color of mourning.

August – Moonstone

Moonstone is the birthstone for August. It is said that this gemstone helps to protect against psychic attacks and provides strength during times of change. The word “moon” comes from the Old English word mone, meaning “month.” Additionally, this gemstone is said to promote peace and happiness.

September – Lapis Lazuli

The September birthstone is lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is a deep blue gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry and as a pigment. The name lapis comes from the Latin word for “stone of the lilies.” Lapis lazuli was believed to protect the wearer from danger and bring good luck. Also known as the “blue gem,” lapis lazuli is a popular gemstone choice for wedding rings.

October – Opal

Opal is the birthstone for October. It is said to bring happiness, courage, and protection. The color of opal is light blue-violet. If you are a Libra, you can look for a complete guide to Libra birthstones online, or in a book. Also, opals can bring healing to the heart.

November – Topaz

November is the month of Topaz. This gem is said to bring joy, optimism, and good luck. It is also known as the “stone of service” because it is believed to help you be a good servant to others. Not only that, but it is also a powerful protection stone.

December – Ruby

In the month of December, ruby is associated with the heart and love. This is due to the fact that rubies are often given as gifts during this time of year, and because ruby is the birthstone for the month of December. In addition, ruby is known for its ability to enhance emotions and protect against negative energies.

What does each birthstone mean? For the month in which it is most potent, that gemstone’s meaning will be explained. For example, in February amethyst is associated with spiritual growth and new beginnings, while in April diamond is most beloved for its rarity and long history of association with romance and marriage. The list goes on! By understanding the meanings of each birthstone, you can create personalized jewelry that reflects your personal beliefs and desires. Plus, who doesn’t love pretty things?