Short Hairstyle Ideas for girls with round faces puffy cheeks; help adjust the face to look slender.

Girls with round faces or full cheeks Maybe you are looking for a short hairstyle that is chic and chic, right? You’ve come to the right place because All Things Hair has compiled a collection of short hairstyles for round faces for a wide selection of ideas.

Girls with round face structure, full cheeks, or puffy cheeks, many people want to cut their hair short, but don’t dare because they are afraid that short hair will make the round face look more prominent. Therefore avoid short hairstyles turn to long hair because I believe that it will help to hide cheeks better, even though my heart wants to change my look to look chic and chic, but in fact, there are also many short hairstyles that are suitable for round faces. All Things Hair has gathered ideas and techniques for cutting hair to serve girls. Plus, our short hair ideas will help camouflage. Adjust the facial structure to look slender and chic until the young man must look at it for sure.

First of all, you need to reassure yourself that the round face is not a problem at all. Round face shape is that the width and length of the face are all the same, wide forehead, rounded shape, short chin, and full cheekbones. This makes people with round faces look more radiant and younger. This is one of the best advantages and also makes time to change the look A short haircut will make you look bright and look much younger.

Adjusting the face shape of round-faced girls mainly is to reduce the proportions that look equal to the face. They may choose to camouflage the forehead or cheeks to look narrower. Alternatively, opt for a hairstyle that is tied high at the top to make the head look longer.

Now that you know this simple principle, let’s take a look at the ideas that All Things Hair has compiled for you.

Short hairstyle ideas for round face girls

Pixie Cut with Sliced ​​Bangs  

Short hair styles for a bang that extends beyond the eyebrows and soy slices at the end and side helps reduce the area of ​​the forehead and the roundness of the face. But not leaving a bright and bold pixie cut style. This hairstyle is also suitable for people with fine hair because it can cut bangs to make it look beautiful without having to set it for a long time

Short banyan roots hairstyle with sliced ​​bangs

At the moment, Sai root hairstyle or Mullet Hair is trending. The highlight of this style is the hair on the back (Especially at the nape of the neck) that is long and thinly sliced ​​to the ends of the hair. For girls with round faces and puffy cheeks, you can choose to have long hair behind and in front of the ears to decorate the earlobes or the chin part of the forelock Tries sliced ​​thinly like choppy bangs and set it up to look messy. It gives a very modern and vintage feel.

Short bob, side-parted, loose curls

A short chin-length bob with side parting and loose wave curls will help reduce the same proportion of the face to look narrower and draws more attention to the hair so your face can look slimmer and soft curls a natural look will also soften your hair and look.

Top Knot short hair with see-through bangs

This technique can also be used with hidden light and ombres including other colors that are not blondes as well try consulting your hairstylist. What techniques do you like and how will you design your highlights to hit the mark?

An easy technique for keeping your hair short and making your face look longer is a Top Knot hairstyle or a bun. without the need to collect all May collect only half of the head above and behind the long release Techniques for straightening see-through bangs and roll the long tresses beside the ears It helps to make the head shape look longer and the overall face looks slimmer. Girls with short hair can use this technique. I can leave work.

Side-swept bob with highlights.

Making highlights, in addition to helping make the hairstyle and hair color look more dimensional Because of the highlighting around the face or the face area. This will create a long line leading the eyes down and make your face look longer along the highlighted line.


Best Flattering Short Haircuts for Your Face Shape

Short, curly bob with see-through bangs

A bob that extends slightly past the chin and curls the ends in a freestyle including see-through bangs Helps to camouflage the look of a longer chin and overall slimmer face it is also a cut and looks younger as well.

Short permed and sliced ​​hair

Short haircuts, permed, and sliced ​​hair with layers. In addition, to be suitable for girls with round faces and full cheeks, it is also suitable for people with fine and thin hair because of the soft curling and set it to look a little messy It will help make me look more voluminous. But for those who already have large and slightly wavy hair, this hairstyle can be done as well. Just alley slices at the end of the hair without bending but the set raised the base to look messy. It’s already pretty. A hairstyle that is set with a raised root and thinly sliced ​​ends will make the face look more slender

Straight cut bob and bangs

Many people may have heard of the taboo of round-face girls that they should not cut their bob and bangs straight. But we say this hairstyle can be cut by round face girls. The straight ends of the bob are at chin level or slightly below the chin with the straight bangs. It will add angles to the face and make it look more stylish.

This student-like hairstyle can also make you look younger or if someone is dressed up it will look sourer to many levels especially if you have big and thick hair. This hairstyle is perfect for you. In addition to helping to make the face look more slenderthis look can also make you look like a cute Japanese doll.

Stylish short hair

A stylish bob hairstyle that doesn’t have to be neat But focuses on a little mess in a natural way, suitable for girls with round faces Well puffed cheeks Just perm or curl soft curls. Mid-to-late hair and set it to look a little messy texture. I’ve got a nice hairstyle.

For girls who have straight bob hair and want to try a different look able to see Technique to set Textured Bob hair here in gallery.

Short bob with side bangs

A short bob with curled ends and side-swept bangs or oblique bangsit is another style that is suitable for girls with round faces because of the side bangs. It will help down the curve of the forehead and the ends of the bob are curled out this will make the chin look not too short and round. It makes your overall face look slimmer easily.

Messi Pixie

Short pixie-cut hair with a long top and a messy set it will help your face look slimmer. Because voluminous hair and see-through bangs will camouflage the look of your head and make it look longer. This hairstyle is also suitable for people with fine and thin hair because it helps my hair look thicker

Editor’s Tip: Introducing a helper to set and control oiliness during the day with Sunsilk Oil Killer Hair Push up Dry Shampoo that comes with Super Volume Push Up to help lift the roots of the hair. Give me volume, not flat it can also be used to control oiliness and refresh hair during the day.

Mushroom Short Hairstyle

This style is sure to impress girls who want a sour look Cool and streamlined we don’t always have to hide our faces. But sometimes the face is opened with a short haircut. Make a round face look more slender and has not featured hair mushroom head or cut Bowl (Bowl Cut), which is a short alley Pixie cut and set on a slightly higher range will make the head look longer And the bangs can also help make the rest of our faces look longer and slender.

For those who are not confident with the bangs, you can also opt for a long bang and leave the sideburns behind the ears to frame the face and slightly around the cheekbones. The top part is messy a little natural It will make this style look more modern than the normal bow cut.

Short bob with layered layers at the end

This hairstyle is kept up to chin level but will slice the end of the hair from the cheek to the chin to make it thinner to make the chin look slimmer There may be a perm to help add volume but will not focus on bending the end to be bent like C-Curl

This hairstyle is also a great addition to a hairstyle or set for women who have had their hair cut very short (bow-cut, pixie-cut, or undercut) or layered at the length and thickness of the ends. I am not equal and is keeping long hair to wait for a change of style because when cutting or slicing the hair out to fit will not waste much hair texture


Trendy Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Hairstyle and hair color trend for this year – Trendy hairstyle for women:

Its jaw-length with the sleek bob cut that emerged two years ago and quickly wowed everyone. This sleek bob length is one of the most fashionable hairstyles.  Read the entire article for hair color ideas below;

Medium length haircuts: the messy shag with bangs next major hairstyle trend on our list is the messy shag with bangs. This is probably the most popular haircut when it comes to medium-length manes 2022. And it is favored by many women all over the world! The wonderful benefit of this haircut is that it requires zero effort from a maintenance standpoint. And she still seems very put together. This is undoubtedly what attracts a lot of people and especially those who are constantly busy and do not have a lot of time for their hairstyles.

Trendy hairstyles for women:

Low bun and ponytail you love keeping up with the latest hair trends then you are most likely aware that sleek low bun and ponytail are two of the biggest and sleekest hair trends of 2021, which dominate most ultra-modern looks these days this. Both hairstyles attract women with their chic and highly polished look that is simply irresistible. That being said, the most significant advantages of both hairstyles are that they don’t require a lot of styling time and are suitable for most women regardless of age, facial features, or other qualities.

Hair trends for short hair: the contemporary pixie cut yet another admirable hair trend of this year is the contemporary so-called pixie cut. She stands out with her very graceful appearance which is loved by many celebrities, stars, and influencers. The advantage of this pixie cut is that it is very easy to wear. So if you fancy a makeover and a daring hairstyle with short hair then you should definitely try a trendy pixie cut!

Popular Medium Hairstyles for this year

Shoulder Length Waves if you’ve been following hair trends in the past couple of years, and then you probably know that the medium-length haircut is one of the hottest looks right now. And for good reason, because the mid-long waves are suitable for everyone! In other words, if you are looking for a stylish and timeless haircut for 2022 doesn’t hesitate to follow this women’s hair trend. The best haircuts for women 2022: the stunning layered cut, as you may know, the layered cut is considered to be one of the most amazing cuts of recent years, while still providing a lot of flexibility and versatility for the hairstyle. In fact, it’s one of the biggest hair trends for 2022, which means you’ll see a lot of celebs embracing it these days. What is more, this trendy woman hairstyle for 2022 is capable of giving volume and texture to hair regardless of its type and if your hair is thick and heavy by nature then it can also lighten your mane and make it easier to mane to manage.

Hairstyle and trendy hair color for women:

The messy combed bun for many years, women’s hair trends has been impeccably locked. However, times have changed, and now we are opting for more natural and effortless hairstyles that look more organic and yet just as beautiful. If you have taken a look at the latest trending looks then you may notice that a lot of hairstyles are revolving around messy styled updos and updos which look very alluring and eye-catching. One of the advantages of this look idea is that it suits everyone, regardless of age, facial features, and more. Hairstyles and hair color trends for women for 2021 – fashionable shades for the coming year

Now that we’ve covered the topic of the most fashionable hairstyles for next year you, let’s take a look at these trendy hair color ideas and Hairstyle Weekly! With new hair color, a new life begins. Choose a stylish and trendy color. From 2021 to 2022, non-standard and creative colors are in fashion ash, burgundy, copper, red gold, emerald.

Other hair color shades popular in this year will be a more classic and natural blonde. The photos presented here will give you a better idea of ​​this year’s trends.


Long Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy

The best long bob haircut ideas we love in this year

Trends can come and go, but long bob haircuts are a constant epidemic that has been around for the past decade in a constantly changing world. This popular cut may be perceived as “Rob,” a fashionable combination of the words “long” and “bob.” As the name implies, this modern hairstyle ends in the area between the chin and collarbone. Such a simple hairstyle really helps to emphasize the chin line by properly framing the face to any shape and emphasizing the bone structure of any individual.

Chic long bob haircut that emphasizes your face

Contrary to what one might think, short hair lengths actually still offer many options when it comes to hairstyles. Think of celebrities and popular fashionsthat look different every day from long Bob! For example, a long bob can be worn straight and smooth using a flat iron over low heat. On the other hand, the same haircut can also be textured with voluminous waves and curls on the crown.

Or go back to the ’90s along the way and wear a long bob half up and half down and finish off with all the adorable hair ties! A fairly long bob is suitable, regardless of hair color or texture. This hairstyle is universal as it can be adapted to any environment, professional or casual. Here are some of the cutest styles that will inspire your latest hairstyle ideas!

1) Asymmetric free wave long bob

These luxurious locks are longer in the front than in the back to make the face look really slimmer. So, this hairstyle will be more flattering for round faces that might need a bit more structure. This pretty hairstyle will make the angles appear sharper by raising the cheekbones and narrowing the chin. Free waves will add texture and make the hair appear thicker.

2) Textured long bob with highlighted hints

Long bob haircuts essentially add structure to the face, but with the help of strands, you can add depth to the hair itself. This particular style emphasizes only the hints and adds textures and volumes to the otherwise dull hints. This technique is especially suitable for women whose hair thins as it grows.

3) Asymmetric, messy, layered long bob

Layers add an amazing amount of texture to all types of long bob hairstyles. In this style, your hair always looks blow-dried due to the volume that the thick layer gives. The nature of this look is messy and you can’t really change it, so if you don’t like this style, don’t use it.

4) Champagne Blonde Long Layer Bob

While long bobs add enough style on their own, you can give the look a boost with a notch in an eye-catching color. This platinum blonde works great with cool skin tones, meaning the veins on your wrists appear blue rather than green, indicating warmer undertones. However, don’t let that fact deter you from wearing this beautiful color!

5) Long Bob with the highlights of the face-framing

A lob cut automatically frames the face and makes it appear slimmer, but this flattering effect can be further accentuated with the help of some natural colored highlights. Typically, these highlights are no more than three shades lighter than your natural hair color, so they look subtle while effortlessly adding that pop to your facial bone structure.

6) Long Bob with Frosty Blonde Highlights

If you suffer from flat, lifeless hair that doesn’t hold any volume, it might be a good idea to go for a shorter cut. This will allow the growth of new, healthy hair as the strands rejuvenate. This is exactly what this bob does, with the help of icy blonde highlights that make the hair appear thicker. Dark roots also help add depth to the overall style.

7) Asymmetrical wavy long bob with dark roots

Another asymmetrical style, this particular cut, is characterized by the hair hitting the collarbone as the length changes in layers when it reaches the longest point in the anterior part. At the back, the short part ends at the back of the neck. This is another example of how maintaining dark roots not only makes the growth of dyed hair less noticeable but also improves hair depth through contrast.

8) Simple curly long bob

These golden curls are a great example of what can be done with a lobed cut that features regular length in a straight line. It’s a particularly clean and mature look for professionals looking to look neat on any occasion. The shorter length also means less time spent on styling and saves money by reducing the number of hair products needed.

9) The long wavy bob paired with long layers

This cute long bob cut is undemanding on maintenance, with its reckless but cool waves. It’s a look that can be achieved on a daily basis in a minimum of time without resorting to hot curling methods overnight. When you wake up your long bob will be put in free waves that will last all day with no problem! It’s the perfect hairstyle for women who are always on the go or those who are too busy for elaborate styling routines.


Pixie Haircut Ideas That Prove a Pixie Cut Is Always a Good Choice

Short hairstyle ideas Pixie cut style, beautiful and sour, easy to care for.

Pixie cut hairstyles are short hairstyles that were popular from the early to mid-50s. So this hairstyle is beyond time. And it is still the most popular hairstyle that people cut to this day.

Short hair like this is also suitable for hot and humid weather like our country for girls who sweat a lot. Want a streamlined hairstyle or want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain the pixie cut is the perfect hairstyle. Besides that, it’s also a haircut that looks younger. Open up your face to make it look brighter.

All Things Hair has brought a variety of pixie cut styles for you. You can try to choose a style that you like.

Short hairstyle ideas pixie cut style

1. Short pixie

Suitable for:Normal/Thick hair

This short pixie cut hairstyle it is reminiscent of the “Vidal Sassoon pixie cut” style that was very popular in the 1960s. However, this hairstyle has made a comeback in recent years. Many celebritiesalso use this haircut.

Editor’s tip: This pixie-cut style is perfect for all face shapes, but for those with round faces, it’s a good idea to style your hair with texture to make it look more balanced.

We recommend spraying Hair Spray Salon Finish Extra Hold onto the hair thoroughly. Then use a hairdryer to dry. That’s it; your pixie cut hairstyle will look like a movie and have a nice texture

2. Long pixie

Suitable for: All hair types, including curly/wavy hair.

It’s important to keep in mind before cutting a pixie-cut haircut short degree because if we choose to cut the pixie cut that is too short If you get a look you don’t like, it will be difficult to fix. But if we choose to cut it with a little length like this pixie cut it’s good for people who aren’t sure whether to cut it completely short or not. Because there is still enough length left to cut short later.

3. Choppy pixie

Suitable for: thin hair

Choppy layer haircuts use the technique of cutting the hair with different levels of unevenness. This adds layers to make the hair look thicker and has a natural-looking texture Therefore, Choppy pixie haircuts have become a popular option for people with thin hair who want to cut their hair as short as possible. Editor’s tip: To make sure our pixie cut hairstyles look good. It is recommended to set your hair with Tresemme Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse, which will help create a comfortable, natural texture with matte, non-glossy, and well-formed hair.

4. Undercut pixie

Suitable for: straight hair

To make our pixie haircut hairstyles look more pop Try cutting it in an undercut style. You could also ask your barber to taper the sides of your hair into a tapered style and leave the hair on top of a moderate length. That’s it; you will get a short pixie hairstyle that looks chicer than before.

Editor’s tip: This hairstyle is best for people with straight hair because when the hair grows longer People with curly or wavy hair there may be a problem that I can’t get into shape.

5. Pixie with bangs

Add a special touch to the pixie-cut hairstyle by cutting the bangs along with it, whether it is straight bangs, side bangs, or ponytails. But in general, it should be chosen mainly for the face shape, such as curvy bangs: suitable for people with square faces because it reduces the angle of the face and makes the face look softer Side bangs: suitable for round faces and heart-shaped faces because it adds dimension to the face structure to look more balanced, etc.

Editor’s tip: Prevent greasy bangs and may cause hair to look flat. Recommended using dry shampoo, which will help absorb excess oil and revitalizes the hair to be clean again

6. Retro pixie

If you love the vintage style you must not miss this style of pixie-cut haircut which although it is a retro style But it looks more modern with short bangs. It is also very suitable for people with diamond-shaped faces. This will help divert attention from the cheekbones to the forehead instead.

For those who are bored with their same old look, try this short pixie cut hairstyles as an example. Just in case I get inspired to cut my hair short.