Maintaining your WordPress site is very important if you want to keep your site optimized.

Generally, this is why you should have a maintenance plan for your WordPress site:

  • Maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your data safe
  • Maintenance can help your site perform better and faster
  • You will ensure daily backups of all your data

The easiest way to maintain your website is by installing a plugin that will do everything for you. But while you update your site, you will need to show some content on your site and inform your visitors that your website is under maintenance.

You can easily set this with maintenance plugins, and in this article, we will present you with the best maintenance plugins for WordPress. 

What are the best Maintenance plugins for WordPress?

  • WP Maintenance 
  • UnderConstruction Page
  • Coming Soon WP

WP Maintenance is the top WordPress maintenance plugin

This plugin comes with 200+ pre-built theme templates that you can use to create a page based on your needs. You can easily adjust the templates and get something branded in a matter of minutes.

WP Maintenance plugin allows users to create a page that will be shown to visitors while you are working behind the scene and setting up your site. You can set up timers, for example, and give more information about the progress to your visitors. At the same time, only users with admin access will be able to see the front end of your site.

Under Construction Page is one of the best maintenance plugins

The simple drag & drop editor will let you create any page – landing page, maintenance page, coming soon page, sale page, or under construction page – all included! Additionally, you can use more than 300 templates and 3.7 million images and create highly customizable pages specific to your brand and business. 

UnderConstructionPage plugin also has many additional features like customer support, pop-ups, social icons creator, or Google Analytics Tracking ID. Also, you can set up roles for people who can see the site, not the construction page, and inbound links that will direct traffic to your page. 

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is easy to use

Last but not least in the list of the best maintenance plugins for WordPress is the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

The plugin is SEO friendly, and you can set up meta descriptions and keywords for your maintenance page. This will help you keep your organic traffic going even if your page is in maintenance mode. Also, you will be able to disable the plugin for a specific IP address.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin has more than 170+ themes and more than 2 million images and Instagram filters that you can use to create pages. You can also change backgrounds and do a rebranding.