There are many reasons why people wear glasses. Some have vision problems to deal with while some use glasses as a means to block harmful lights. But, there are also a fashion-forward group of people who wear glasses to make a style statement. 

No matter whether you wear glasses to improve your vision or your style, they are essential in your everyday wardrobe. 

2022 will bring a stylish slew of glasses in bold, oversized and classic silhouettes. So, enhance your appearance while correcting your vision. Shop for trendy frame styles in the UK and add a fresh fashion touch to your wardrobe.

Eyeglasses styles for 2022

We are going to break out the 7 most talked-about frame styles these days that will set the trend in 2022. Here they are:

Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses have always been designers’ favourite as they are so out there and daring. Those who are not afraid to be in the spotlight should definitely try out these frames. 

Oversized glasses can be a bold fashion choice but it’s so trendy as well. Large frames in retro-inspired silhouettes such as round or rectangles will give a vintage vibe to your look. 

Even when you use corrective eyewear such as reading or varifocal glasses, oversized frames might be the right choice for you. These glasses have enough space on the lenses to incorporate your different vision requirements. Thus, it’s a win-win in both situations. 

Transparent glasses 

Transparent glasses are such a big hit in the eyewear market. A part of the reason is that these glasses are so easy to style thanks to their see-through frames. 

As the frames don’t have a bold or striking colour on them, these glasses go with almost anything you wear and every skin colour. If you’re someone who is into modern accessories with a little bit of a vintage touch, these glasses are for you. 

Transparent glasses look so cool yet so classic at the same time. These are also available in light tints that give a pop of colour to your eyewear. 

Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses were famous as sunglasses and now people can’t get over how cool aviator glasses look. The teardrop shape along with the perfect balance of lines and angles suits most face shapes. But, if you have a square-shaped face, these glasses will look the best on you. 

From chunky acetate to slim metal rims, you will find aviator glasses in different materials. Aviators have a classic feel that gives a sophisticated touch to your look and makes you look like a movie star. 

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses look feminine and thus they’re a huge hit among the ladies. The powerful yet sultry shape opens the lane for sexy while the classic eyewear silhouette sets the tone for vintage. 

Cat-eye glasses come in different designs from sharp top rims to curved edges. You should choose the perfect one for you based on your lifestyle and personality. If you want to buy more than a single pair, then your timing couldn’t be better. Many eyewear companies have put up the Christmas glasses sale where you can get multiple pairs at heavy discounts. 

Colourful frames 

Colourful glasses will be the ‘it’ trend of 2022. The lively colours will give a fresh spin to your eyewear collection while boosting your mood. You can have fun with your glasses by matching the colour of your specs with your outfit. 

Colourful frames in vibrant shades of neon green or pink will be one of the hottest trends in 2022. Make sure you buy colourful glasses that bring out your skin tone and matches the colour palette of your wardrobe. 

Coloured lenses 

Coloured lenses are the new update that will give your glasses ‘John Lennon’ glasses a kind of vibe. Fit these tinted lenses into your vintage frame and get yourself a trendy pair of glasses.  

Not only these lenses will give a fresh update to your look but different tints aid your eyes differently. They can improve contrast, block certain types of bad light and amplify your vision in different light settings. 

Wooden glasses

Wooden glasses are the newest design in eyewear that not many people are rocking these days. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, get yourself a pair of wooden frame glasses right away. These glasses look super cool and don’t harm nature. 

Wooden glasses are comfortable and eco-friendly. They don’t irritate your skin and are much lightweight. Wooden glasses make you look unique as there aren’t many people sporting this style on the street. 

These were some of our top eyewear picks for 2022. Eyeglasses don’t have to be a vision-correcting device. When you have stylish and trendy frames to play with, you can create different looks and look fashionable every day.