Securing your business or commercial building is key to preventing burglary attacks or thefts. Many commercial building operators and owners are looking into the different types of security systems to improve their security. Mammoth Security, a security systems installer, understands the stress of comparing hundreds of available options and has simplified everything.

In this article, you’ll find out about the following;

  • The types of commercial security systems
  • Criteria for choosing commercial security systems
  • The best commercial building security systems

Types of Commercial Building Security Systems

Commercial buildings have a few common security solutions to keep unauthorized persons out of their facilities. Some of the common options include;

Access control systems: This usually has authorized credentials that determine who can gain entry into the commercial facility and specific areas within it.

Security cameras and video surveillance: This security system leverages mounted cameras that provide real-time updates to the security teams. The security team can also access video footage for reviews.

Alarm systems: Alarm systems are directly connected to electromagnetic door-locking mechanisms to deter criminal activities, personnel breaches, or unauthorized access to commercial property.

Sensors: Sensors are available in different options, including infrared, laser, and microwave sensors. They can be installed on doors, walls, or other areas to notify business owners of activities in specific quarters.

Emergency and fire safety systems: Commercial properties require proper safety measures to deter fire hazards. This security system comes complete with fire alarm systems and emergency detection systems to boost compliance with health and safety regulations.

Cybersecurity systems: These security solutions are installed to protect commercial businesses from online attacks from hackers. Their features may include data detection, anti-virus software, traffic monitoring software, data encryption solutions, firewall protection, etc.

Gate access system: Commercial buildings often install gate access security systems to provide a physical barrier from entering their facility. This security solution offers 24/7 security and ensures that only scheduled visitors are allowed access.

Criteria for Choosing Commercial Security Systems

Knowing why a security product is best for your needs is important as a commercial building owner. Understanding the criteria to look out for can help you make a brilliant decision for your security needs. Below are the important criteria to consider;

Ease of Installation 

The ease of installation of any security system is important. Easy to install commercial grade security system ensures that you don’t have to shut down your business until the installation is complete.


Installing new and advanced security systems can strengthen your commercial building’s security. However, it would help if you always aimed for fluidity and interoperability. Newer security systems that can be integrated with older and existing solutions will save costs, improve value, and reduce waste.

Cost of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining your commercial security system is as important as the initial cost. Consider the cost of maintenance and how it affects your security budget.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is a significant part of your business operation. Consider how the security solution affects your customers and their experience with your business.

The Best Commercial Building Security Systems

Having considered the above commercial security solution selection criteria, here are the best commercial building security systems to consider;

Access Control and Commercial Security System

Access control systems have come to replace the use of physical keys and keycards in most commercial buildings. This is because keys can get lost anytime, and keycards are expensive to manage and maintain.

With access control systems, commercial buildings can simply log the biometric details of authorized staff or members, ensuring high-security compliance and saving additional costs on key or keycard replacements.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras have been around for years and have been improved upon to deliver real-time footage to security personnel. With recent technological advancements, video footage can now be managed in a cloud-based environment, thus eliminating the need for physical tapes, hard drives, or large physical storage devices.

With cloud-based video surveillance and security management systems, commercial buildings can recall footage from specific dates and times in the past to help investigative efforts.

Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings

Alarm systems have also become an important part of commercial buildings. It offers an effective solution against unauthorized access into specific building areas by sounding an alarm tone audible to all. This type of security system can alert relevant parties and authorities to breaches in certain areas of commercial property.

An excellent reason why most commercial buildings choose alarm systems is that they can be integrated and upgraded. Commercial facilities may pair their alarm system with sensors, video surveillance, or access control to keep unauthorized persons out of specific areas.

Using the information above, commercial building owners can make a credible security installation decision for themselves and their businesses.