Bathroom Remodel Lafayette LA

The bathroom is an essential part of the home and one of the most frequented. As a homeowner, you may ask your contractor to pay special attention to this part of the home. Of course, you’ll also furnish it with appliances and facilities that’ll make every moment you spend here very comfortable and fulfilling. 

Remodeling your bathroom is another process entirely. At this point, you’re already familiar with the missing items your old bathroom lacks. You may also decide to tear down the entire bathroom and erect a new one, or merely replace some facilities. Whatever you decide, there are many remodeling options you can choose from. In this article, we’ll explore the best bathroom remodels of 2021. 

Best Bathroom Remodels of 2021 

2021 has exposed us to many exciting trends, including bathroom remodel Lafayette LA. This trend includes: 

Floating vanities 

Recently, floating vanities came to the spotlight, even though they’ve been in existence for a while. They’re excellent for small bathrooms and will save space while also adding to the aesthetics of your bathroom. They’re available in any color of your choice, but you need a reliable contractor that can install them properly. 

Mirrors with back-lights 

You can pair your floating vanities with mirrors that also look like they’re floating. That’s because they’re back-lit. This feature is functional and aesthetically appealing – it provides you with sufficient lighting while you use your mirror and vanity. 


Soaking bathtubs also provide the relaxation homeowners desire after a long day. They’re just the right size and take up just enough space for you to have the shower stall of your choice installed in your bathroom space. 

Quartz countertops 

Cleaning the bathroom can be pretty time and energy-consuming, and you need to do it often to maintain the beauty of the place. However, you can reduce your cleaning time with quartz countertops because this material is resistant to stains and much easier to clean. 

There are also many colors you can choose from, so you can align your countertop with your bathroom color theme. 

Smart toilets

Touching the toilet’s lid can be a bother, especially when it’s a shared toilet. The same goes for putting the cover back. These are some of the factors that the inventors of the smart toilet have considered. 

This toilet opens and closes automatically, has a bacteria-killing feature, cling-free surfaces, and self-cleaning attributes. 

Why You May Desire to Remodel Your Bathroom

Every year, innovations emerge. They’re here to make life more comfortable. For instance, the smart toilet – it self-cleanses, saves you from touching it, among many other endearing features. Another bathroom must-have item, the bidet toilet seat, also helps clean yourself in an eco-friendly and economic way. This is also applicable in the bathroom. Several other innovations may also prompt your desire for an upgrade. 

Alternatively, you may also desire a remodel because your bathroom is old and already falling apart. There’s also the issue of wanting a larger space with more extensive facilities. 

Whatever the case, you may decide to carry out an entire renovation which requires you to tear down the entire bathroom, or renovate certain parts alone. But for a bathroom remodel Lafayette LA design, you’ll have to make specific improvements to achieve it. 


Your bathroom can be a sanctuary. When you design it to your liking, you find it easy to relax or unwind after a long day. It’s also a place where you freshen up and prepare to start your day. That’s why many homeowners pay particular attention to this part of the home.