Many people throughout history prefer to publish their work and stay anonymous.

There is a thin line between using the internet as a tool vs. a weapon. This depends on the values of the people using it. There can be either harm are good behind the anonymity of the internet.

Anonymous posting services on the internet started around 1988. At that, time users used to discuss volatile, sensitive, and personal topics. Since then, anonymous blogging grew in popularity and prowess. Just look at the website The Doe as an example.

A person can enjoy writing without feeling fear of being discovered. In other words, there is a lack of sensitivity and the chance to freely share ideas.

There are no huge restrictions that you may face while posting anonymously. For example, a writer can be free about the disadvantages of a product. He/ she can be as harsh or comedic when writing on an anonymous blog.

Some societies are extremely conservative. This means that it may be sometimes dangerous to talk about certain topics such as lifestyle.

In addition, anonymity can help some people to shed light on some illegal activities that may affect other negatively. For example, US States offer people the chance to send anonymous reports to make it easier for people to report wastes and abuses.

In the democratic system, politicians make choices on behalf of the people who voted for them. In this case, people will have the right to reward or punish the politicians. Besides the election, citizens can also express their thoughts on the system. This may happen openly or anonymously on the internet. Anonymity may help people living in a repressive state to express their thoughts without fear of arrest.

Unfortunately, some hackers or bad users can do anonymous content with aim of doing bad actions, such as kidnapping, terrorism, harassment, personal threats, hate speech, financial fraud, and others. It will be hard for police to track the offender down. Many criminals have used the internet for criminal activity a remained secret.

Many debates about anonymous posting took place recently. In Texas, two men used the internet to come up with a bulletin board service called “Lifestyles”. This platform offered its subscribers with pornographic material, such as child pornography. The two men lured two young boys to their homes and forced them to commit sexual acts.

Such a case supports the idea that the internet should be regulated and that anonymity should be eliminated because it gives people the chance to use online services to commit criminal acts easily.

Posting anonymously can lead to the spread of fake news worldwide. Because people nowadays might believe things they see in print. Such fake news or information can be shared across social media all over the world.

People may face some hate speech made by such users via anonymous posts and emails.

In conclusion, in order to protect free speech, anonymity on the internet should not be outlawed, taking into consideration educating people about the power of such act and the importance of freedom of speech. This will make anonymity on the internet more beneficial, smart, and positive.