Angelique Pettyjohn was one of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Angelique Pettyjohn was a multi-faceted actress who had a diverse portfolio, ranging from cult films to television series. She was much more than merely ‘a pretty face. Explore the many facets of Angelique’s life.

Angelique Pettyjohn: Who was she?

Angelique Pettyjohn was born in 1943. She is an American actress, burlesque dancer, and singer. Her stunning beauty and exceptional talent attracted both audiences and critics to her career. On February 14, 1992 she died from cancer. Her colourful life was cut short at the age of 48.

Angelique’s Star Trek: How did she make her mark?

Angelique Pettyjohn is best known for her role as Shahna, in Star Trek’s episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion”, which aired in 1968. She played the drill thrall Shahna in this episode. She was Captain James T. Kirk’s Thrall Trainer. This role cemented the actress’s place in Star Trek history, and she was thrust into the spotlight.

What other TV shows did Angelique appear in?

Angelique’s versatility as an actor was demonstrated in various 1960s TV shows. She is best known for her role on Star Trek. She appeared in “Mister Terrific”, ‘The Green Hornet’, and popular TV shows like “Batman”, “Love, American Style” and more. She played male CONTROL Agent Charlie Watkins, in the “Get Smart”, series. This was a remarkable turn that showcased her talent for character transformation.

Angelique was involved in the film industry?

Angelique Pettyjohn’s allure was not limited to television. She made her film debut in 1969 with a leading part in “The Mad Doctor of Blood Island”, a cult horror classic. In the same year she played Cherry in the biker movie “Hell’s Belles”, showed off her acting skills in Glenn Ford’s Western “Heaven with a Gun”, as well as appeared in “Childish Things”, which was co-directed by John Derek.

What led Angelique into the world of burlesque?

Angelique began her burlesque career in the 1970s. She was a Las Vegas star, appearing in many high-profile shows. Her performance at Barry Ashton’s Burlesque Show in the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall & Saloon, 1970, captivated audiences. She was also a featured performer in the Vive Paris Vive Show at the Aladdin Hotel, which further highlighted her charismatic stage presence. Angelique was a burlesque star in the 1970s, appearing at the Maxim Hotel & Casino Burlesque Show as well as in 1978 in “True Olde Tyme Burlesque”, at the Joker Club.

What was the impact of Angelique’s stardom in print media?

Angelique’s charisma was not limited to stage and screen. Robert Scott Hooper, the photographer who captured her in “The Girls of Las Vegas”, also made waves with the print media. Hooper, who was aware of her popularity with Star Trek fans and took photos in her Star Trek costumes, also captured her. The photos were then turned into two posters. One featured her in costume, and the second captured her beauty without it. These posters were a hit, especially at Star Trek Conventions where Angelique is a popular figure.

Remembering Angelique Pettyjohn

Angelique Pettyjohn’s life and career are testaments of her talent, versatility and enduring appeal. Angelique Pettyjohn’s legacy is etched in the hearts of fans and admirers all over the world. From the busy world of television and movies to the sultry levels of Las Vegas. Her premature death robbed the entertainment world of a true jewel, but her artwork and memories continue to inspire and captivate both old and new audiences.