Reliable, loving and intelligent, the German Shepherd is a popular dog and a good companion to animals, once friendly.

What is the origin of German Shepherd?

As the name suggests, German Shepherds are native animals of Germany and are responsible for the crossing of several breeds of sheep dogs. This breed of dog, the German Shepherd, was discovered in 1889, with the aim of establishing a strong dog breeder to protect the herds. With the Revolution in Germany, the German Shepherd breed became more and more active, accessible and useful in many areas. During the First World War, German Shepherd was also called to the aid of soldiers who had been wounded during the war. Used as a watch dog, rescue dog, guard dog or guard dog or sight, German Shepherd is now used as a help dog or police dog.


In the United States, German Shepherd is a place. For more than 80 years, he has been ranked first as the most popular American dog and is also valued as a companion dog. Called German Shepherd in this country, its fame was born in 1923 with the release of the first film Rintintin.

Every breeder wants to raise a “perfect” dog, but there are breeds that differentiate between beauty and working dogs. The German Shepherd family has grown over time with the legal recognition of the different races / ethnic groups considered “mistakes”:

White Swiss Shepherd Dog, was a German shepherd dressed in white. This difference has always been considered a genetic deficiency until the species was officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 2003.

The long-haired German shepherd was also stripped of his legal rights for several years. In 2011 FCI recognized this variant of long-haired German Shepherd. This legal recognition is to take part in dog competitions and games.

Is the German shepherd a dangerous or angry dog?

The German Shepherd is an excellent animal to live with every day, once learned and friendly. The dog has a loyal character to his family. A German shepherd dog is a protective, dedicated, caring man, attached to his master and his family. What makes German shepherds, with their character, warm breed dogs and pets excellent.

The German shepherd has a cheerful and playful personality and a flexible temper. German keepers are animals with a personality that needs to work and socialize, especially to strangers and in public places. Thus, a strong and accurate education will drive his strong character. Also, like most breeds of dogs, they do not promote loneliness and need affection.

What physical features does the German Shepherd have?

The head is stretched forward and the tail is slightly raised in German Shepherd Dog form, from the tip of the German Shepherd ear health through the nape and back to the edge of the tail, supple, intertwined and undamaged topline.

The German Shepherd breed is a dog that has very special needs in the middle of the dog for medium dogs or kibbles for large dogs depending on the human, muscular, solid-boned. The size and weight of German Shepherds vary depending on the sex (between 60 – 65 cm for males, 55 – 60 cm for females. Weight varies between 22 to 32 kg for females and between 30 to 40 kg for males).

The German shepherd has a head equal to his size; its ears are centered in size, straight, horizontal and pointed. Her body is strong, sturdy and her back is bent backwards. Its dangling tail is slightly bent.

The German Shepherd breed dog has a hard coat that needs to be protected through feed to maintain a good coat; hair color forms a coat, black, red, yellow or gray, with a coat and black mask.

Raising a German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a symbol of diversity. He is a working dog par excellence, and can be trained as a police dog, a watchdog, a guide dog, and as protection dogs for sale. As a guide dog, his cautious attitude makes him an excellent watch dog as he protects his environment.

The German Shepherd is a gentle and intelligent dog but knows only one master. It remains important to socialize and get acquainted with strangers or public places because the dog is very suspicious. In addition, this breed of dog can suffer from separation anxiety.

German Shepherd lifestyle

The German shepherd is very active and can be out at any time of the year. It is adapted to live in rural areas. However, living in a city or apartment is not possible if you take German Shepherd with you regularly and provide physical services on a regular basis. A dog that does not support loneliness. When she feels lonely, bored, or inadequate, she expresses her frustration by biting anything she can touch or scratching too hard.

What are the health issues and requirements of the German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs, this is due to its history and breed. The German shepherd is regarded as a strong dog with good muscles. However, be careful of her health because she may be underweight and injured, especially in the legs and arms. There are various common diseases of this type. Since:

hypothyroidism or Von Willebrand’s disease, diagnosis, and birth control significantly reduced risk. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that involves the development of the hip. It can manifest itself within a dog’s life. Excessive activity during the growing season, cold and excessive wet areas, overgrowth of dogs, or rapid growth can easily lead to the manifestation of this disease.