This place is a treasure trove of architecture and natural wonders. When you tour in Laos, it is important to have some patience and decide the places you must visit. The place is the prettiest country in Southeast Asia. 

Laos is landlocked, small, and has no coastline, but it has some great limestone mountains to let you trek and explore caves. The place is famous for its forest, waterfalls, and delicacies. 

We will give you enough reasons to visit Laos at least once in a lifetime!

What are the reasons for planning a tour in Laos?

1. Explore the river life

There are around 40 rivers in the country. Laos has impenetrable jungles, caves, and deep gorges. Depending on the season, they can range from smooth and mild to wild and dangerous. Some rivers navigate all year while others leave riverbeds of rocks as the water level is low. 

Rivers are life to most people who have settled along the Mekong River. You can take a cruise on the Mekong River. Or explore the Nam Ou or Nam Khan River through a small boat which gives you a closer view of the local life on the river banks. 

2. Known about ethnic minorities 

Laos is a small country with around 7 million inhabitants. Despite this, the place has 130 ethnic minority tribes. Some of these tribes are only found in Laos. They have a specific way of living that Western societies do not easily see or understand. 

During your holidays to Laos, add this to your plan to catch a glimpse of disappearing cultures. It would be a memorable trip to be a part of the ethnic minorities in Laos. 

3. Buy some handicraft 

 It is not all about the hill tribe embroidery that you see in South East Asia. The place has plenty of authentic textiles with traditional and contemporary styles from the local artists. The best one to look for is the Hmong story clothes that tell creation stories, folk tales, and pretty special myths. 

4. Delicious Cuisine 

Thailand and Vietnam travel agency add multiple places to let tourists enjoy the country’s amazing food. Laos meals have grilled dishes, sauce and greens, and a soup dish. They add a mixed dish known as laap or koy. 

To seek unique flavours and dishes, include some famous restaurants or try some local cuisines to get the taste of homemade dishes. 

5. Indulge in the Coffee Culture

Many tourists take half-day or full-day tours of the local coffee plantations. You will see the process from germination through roasting. During the visit, you will learn some history lessons and procedures to make amazing coffee. 

It would be great to visit famous coffee shops Sinou in Pakse and Vientiane, Souksavan in Savannakhet, and 124 Thaluang in Pakse, which has a charming ambience. 

6. Gather around to unlock Mysteries 

For most travel agencies in Vietnam, it is easier to plan mysterious places, so the tourists know more about the place. Simply heading towards Load means you will uncover mysteries in the country. The Plain of Jars consists of thousands of giant stone jars scattered in the valleys and hills of the Xiangkhoang Plateau.  

The place has some great mysteries of Asia that people would love to explore while visiting the country. 

7. Beautiful Waterfalls

Laos is one of the best places to enjoy sunsets in Southeast Asia. For the people that love waterfalls, this might be the perfect destination. Head towards Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Falls, or many places to get a hot cup of coffee and wait for the scenic views. 

What are the best places you must visit in Laos?

Bokeo Nature Reserve 

It was created to protect the Black-cheeked gibbon thought to be extinct. It is known as the Gibbon Experience, where guests stay in tree houses and travel the forests through zip lines to see some Black Gibbon. 


This is the mesmerizing capital of Laos. The place has a delightful old French quarter which means you can walk around and look at the architecture. Take a walk through the local markets and temples in the city. 

Tham Kong Lo 

This is an underground karst limestone cave inside the Phou Hin Bun National Park situated in Central Laos. The place is also known as Konglor Cave, which means beauty in the dark and is accessible by boat. Visitors like to witness the mysterious stalactites, secret caverns, and other limestone formations.  

Si Phan Don Islands 

Laos does not have a coastline, which might be strange for tourists. The name Si Phan Don Islands means Four Thousand Islands in Lao. The Mekong river built the islands, which have created amazing little islets. Also, there are large islands like Don Det and Don Khon if you want to explore the nightlife of Laos.

Luang Namtha 

The name refers to the area around the Tha River. It is also the largest city in Northern Laos, located on the riverbank of Nam Tha. The village has some traditional hill tribes in the Luang Namtha. But also it has the Luang Namtha Museum, which helps to learn about the fascinating local tribes. Tourists might want to visit waterfalls, kayaking, and mountain biking during their visit to this place. 

Wat Phu 

This is also known as Vat Phou, a gorgeous Khmer temple close to the Phu Kao Mountain. The place also has a Hindu temple, a strategic location in the mighty Khmer Kingdom. There are many similar temples in Angkor. 

Finally planning to visit Laos!

The gilded temples, epic waterfalls, stunning scenery, and friendly locals might increase your curiosity about taking a tour in Laos. The place is lush with an amazing destination. All you need is a knowledgeable travel agency to mark the best ones as per your taste, interest, and fun.