Did you know that 49% of Americans grill each year? This number has been steadily rising in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Grilling food adds delicious extra flavor and provides people with the opportunity to experience the great outdoors more often. Are you new to grilling? 

Does being the go-to grill master sound appealing to you? Then, look no further for help. We’re going to walk you through our top five grilling tips to get you comfortable with a grill in no time!

1. Start With the Right Grill

The best piece of grilling advice you will get is to use the right equipment. This means picking a high-quality grill with features that fit what you need from the tool.

A great example is Traeger Grills. Take a look at that article to see if this grill could be an ideal choice for you this coming summer!

2. Let Your Grill Preheat

When cooking in an oven, it’s essential to let the oven get to the set temperature before cooking. Why? Because this helps the food to cook safely and evenly, which results in the best taste possible.

This same idea applies to grilling. Aim to let your grill preheat with the lid closed for 10-15 minutes. This also helps prevent your food from sticking, which you will be thankful for when cleanup time comes.

3. Avoid Using Lighter Fluid

Have you ever eaten a steak, and it tasted like chemicals? This is likely because it was cooked over a flame being tended to with lighter fluid.

Lighter fluid evaporates and leaves a not-so-great taste in your food as a result. So, when you’re manning the grill and grilling steak to perfection, leave the lighter fluid behind.

Instead, try using a lighter cube or starter.

4. Don’t Move the Food Around

One thing you will see new people do when grilling meat is moving it around constantly. This happens either because people get anxious about it burning or they want to feel more involved by arranging and flipping the food.

Doing this is a mistake. What you should do instead is flip it as little as possible. Ideally, just flipping it once keeps in all the juices, gives you a nicely done outside, and prevents it from sticking.

5. Rest Your Meat

Once your meat is finished cooking, it’s not time to dig in quite yet if you want the best results. Try letting it sit for at least five minutes, so the juices have time to get redistributed throughout the meat.

If you skip this step, most juices will come out after the first cut or first bite, leaving you with drier and less flavorful meat.

What can you do in the meantime? Try using this time to start the process of cleaning your grill by brushing away any stuck-on pieces before they harden and become even harder to remove.

Five Go-to Grilling Tips

Grilling is an easy thing to learn but a difficult thing to master. 

The good news is the five grilling tips brought out here are great go-to tips for beginners to keep in mind.

If you start with the right grill, preheat it before you cook, avoid using lighter fluid or moving the food around too much, and let your meat rest after it’s done, you should end up with some great tasting food!

If you enjoyed this article and want to read more about becoming the best grill cook possible, check out the rest of our site for more information like this!