Businesses are popping up everywhere, and if you want in on the game too, you must stand out. How do you do that? The way to appear red in a sea of white is to build a branding strategy. Unless your product is groundbreaking, never seen before, and solves a huge customer problem, people need a reason to invest their hard-earned money in your product instead of your competitors.

Branding is the way to go if you want people to choose you. It will position your business in the customer’s minds, so they think of you when they need those specific services. Building a brand strategy has prerequisites like a logo, mission statement, proposition, and several other things.

Branding strategy also depends on the location you are targeting. For example, businesses in Sydney will have a different target audience than one in Vancouver. For a Sydney-based targeted audience, the easiest and quickest way is to contact a branding agency that specializes in brand strategy in Sydney.

Do it yourself or hire someone, but here are the top 5 brand strategies to exponentially grow your business.

1.   Personalized Branding

Working in the business world doesn’t mean being all cold and distant. People won’t be comfortable giving you their money unless they connect with it. Don’t just build your business as a product offering. Tell a story.

Take Apple as an example. Steve Jobs built it to perfection by telling how Apple products are for leaders and through his motivational talks.

Find an angle to connect with people emotionally. It is easier in some categories like food or beauty, but you can always find a personalized connection.

2.  Social Media Branding

Social media utility is not limited to sharing photos and connecting with friends anymore. Businesses are using it to brand themselves, and it can prove to be one of the most lucrative ones. There are small businesses practically running on social media without any other channel.

Find out your target audience and see which platform it hangs out the most. Then, research the algorithm of that platform and start creating unique content. Be consistent, and soon have a brand with a large following.

3.  Co-Branding

Co-branding is joining hands with another brand. It forms a mutually beneficial relationship and expands each brand’s reach towards a different set of target audiences.

For example, a soap and shampoo brand can co-brand and offer special discounts on packaged deals.

4. Branding By Company Name

This involves coming up with a unique physical attribute to which the customers can get attached. For example, a unique logo shown everywhere or a funny name. It should be some characteristic that sticks into the mind of the audience.

5.  Product Branding

If you have an unmatchable product in some way, the best option is product branding. It will be based on that unique factor in your product that separates it from alternative options in the market.

For example, a new taste of food has never been in the market before. This branding requires your product to do all the talking and stand out.


Branding strategy is essential if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of businesses. There are multiple options for one single thing. You will be overshadowed if you don’t move fast to set yourself apart via branding. Make sure you are in it to win it.