Finding a lawyer to deal with a family issue can sometimes prove an uphill task, especially when you’re doing it first. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult when you know where to begin. 

With the right strategy, landing a good lawyer, such as from Mesa family law attorneys at Jensen Family Law, is effortless. So, let’s take a look at how to find one.

What is the Family Lawyer’s Role?

Family lawyers offer a hand when relationships no longer work, and separation or divorce is the best course of action. 

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They provide advice on various issues resulting from the breakdown, such as divorce and child support. Their role as the family lawyer is to work the best outcome out of a break-up. 

The variety of issues covered by family lawyers includes the following: 

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Child support 
  • Children’s matters such as access and parenting orders
  • Defacto relationships
  • Property settlement 
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative family law
  • Family dispute resolution

Now that you know what a family lawyer does let’s look at how to find one.

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How You Find a Good Family Lawyer

Use Recommendations

Your friends and family will know a lawyer who did excellently in their case, but not all attorneys can handle every case effectively. Some are specialists with personal injury, while others excel in criminal law. 

Consider where you get your recommendations. Ask for suggestions from people that had lawyers offer family services to them. 

Indeed, you’ll get suggestions for generalists, but you’re better off with a family law specialist with a good number of years in family law practice under their belt. You want someone with a good grip on the issues to have the best possible outcome. 

Do Some Online Background Checks

Use the list of recommendations to do some online background checks on the lawyers, and what you’ll uncover will help with your decision-making. Check the lawyers’ websites, the information they provide and the blogs. Do they seem to have a good grip on the subject matter?

What kind of posts do they mainly focus on in their social media? What are the comments about? Do they reply conclusively and in the proper manner to the comments? 

The right family lawyer for you will care about their potential clients, which will, in most cases, show in their social media postings and responses. 

Chart the Way Forward

It’s not every situation that requires an assertive lawyer to get things done. Weigh your options with an end in mind, and then move forward. What personality or style from a lawyer suits your case and the outcome you want to see?

Your best option is a problem-solving lawyer who takes the time to understand your case and offer the right solutions. 

After going through the various lawyer websites, you will gain insights into other options at your disposal. For example, you can leverage mediation, a do-it-yourself agreement, arbitration and negotiation. Sift through the info and make the right decision. 

Set Aside Time for a Conversation

After shortlisting a few of the lawyers from the recommendations, move to the next stage, which is facetime. 

Spend some time preparing the questions to guide your initial interaction with the lawyer and ensure you get the information you want. You can enquire about who you’ll be working with and the fee structure. 

A conversation with your chosen lawyer will help you determine if it’s what you want. Listen to the approach they’ll take and determine their style of handling the case. Is it something you like?

You may not want to hear some things from the lawyer, but it pays to listen. They’ll advise you on your obligations and the best course of action. Trusting in the professional capability of your lawyer will save you a lot of time, money and emotional stress.


Pragmatic and strategic approaches are ideal in family law, and your chosen lawyer should use cost and time-effective strategies. 

Approach the subject of fees early on during the initial contact to prevent cases where the cost balloons are beyond your capability. While the best lawyer should be within your budget, try to prioritize the quality of the services. Remember, cheap isn’t always going to work for you.

Finding a good family lawyer should not be rocket science with the aforementioned tips. Start with recommendations from the people close to you, and then move on. Do some background checks, conduct initial conversations and pick the lawyer within your budget. Most importantly, the family lawyer should be the right fit for you, but not necessarily the cheapest.