Home decor can be a flexible area of your budget. Sometimes you can find fun and inexpensive pieces that look great, and if you change your mind later, you don’t have to fret about spending a lot of money.

There are some pieces in your home that you should splurge on, however. These five investment items should last a long time and are worth the money.

1. Sofa

Your sofa is one of the hardest-working pieces in the house. You and your family spend hours there, relaxing together. It needs to stand up to heavy daily use. Children and pets can be especially tough on a sofa. Between the kids using it as a trampoline and the cat employing it as a scratching post, it sees plenty of wear and tear.

A well-constructed sofa has long-lasting foam and durable material that cleans easily. It should also stand up to re-upholstering to last through the years.

2. Area Rugs

Rugs need to stand the test of time, just like your sofa. They get daily traffic as people come in and out of the house and go from room to room. They should be very durable yet easy to clean. Hand-crafted Persian rugs are an excellent choice for your high-traffic areas. They look beautiful, retain their shape and last for generations.

When purchasing an area rug, look for natural materials such as wool or silk. You can buy rugs made from less expensive materials, but they are more subject to shedding, fading, staining and pilling.

3. Dining Table

Whether your dining table sits in a formal dining room or your kitchen, it is the centerpiece of the space in which it rests. It should be stylish and complement the rest of your decor. However, your dining table is another well-used piece of furniture. You and your family gather there several times a day to eat, do homework, drink coffee or have conversations.

Solid wood is the best material for a dining table. Walnut, pine and oak are popular and beautiful choices, but you can find other solid-wood tables that are equally attractive and durable. The grain of natural wood makes each piece unique.

You can also find high-quality stone, metal or glass table tops. These materials are long-lasting, durable and easy to clean.

4. Beds

Should you invest in the place where you spend a third of your life? The answer is yes. A well-made bed frame can consist of metal or wood. Look for metal frames that aren’t too thin or cheaply constructed; they may creak or fail to hold up if they aren’t well-made. Solid wood frames are heavy and can be challenging to move, but they offer lasting support and durability.

A mattress is another significant investment, but it can determine your sleep quality. You can choose from foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex or airbed-style mattresses. Consider your size and how you sleep when choosing firmness.

5. Lighting

You might not realize the value of good lighting until you see it in your home. Lighting can set the tone of your room perhaps more than any other piece. It affects how you perceive color and texture. It can even affect your mood: relaxation, productivity, etc.

Think about the amount of natural light in the room and the tasks you perform there. Determine where you need the most light and what areas are best with ambient lighting. A home office needs direct task lighting above the desk, while a bedroom is suited to cozy, indirect lighting. If you have statement art on the walls, you may consider adding a spotlight to highlight the piece.

Knowing where to save and where to splurge is essential when it comes to decorating your home. Some pieces should last through the years and stand up to heavy use. They are items on which you should splurge. Consider your budget and tastes as you choose your investment pieces, then have fun shopping and decorating your home.