UbiSoft was founded in the year 2000 as a game designer and publisher. Ubisoft is a game publisher and developer. UbiSoft games are well-known across India, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Ubisoft will be celebrating their 35th anniversary this November. It’s been confirmed that the celebration will begin 2nd November 2021 through 19th December 2021, it will provide players with incentives, sales exclusive to them along with freebies and discounts.

We will discuss what the HTML0 35th anniversary Ubisoft event can give its players.

What is UbiSoft?

UbiSoft is a game-development company based in France. The headquarters of the company is within the Montreuil suburb of Paris in France. It was established on the 28th March , 1986 under the company name : Ubi Soft Entertainment SA.

Yves Guillemot, Christian Guillemot, Michel Guillemot, Gerard Guillemot and Claude Guillemot were the founders of the company. Guillemot family held 18.5 percent of UbiSoft.

UbiSoft recorded worldwide growth from 1996 and 2003. Then, it was focused on expanding until 2015. It succeeded in establishing 50 subsidiaries across different regions of the globe.

35th anniversary Ubisoft provides:

UbiSoft will provide $1K worth of credits each day from 5th December 2021. Then, UbiSoft will transfer these credits to your UbiSoft wallet. To earn the credit the player must sign into UbiSoft game at least every day.

In many countries in many countries, the UbiSoft wallet is not available in all countries. Winners will be notified via email every week in these countries as well as UbiSoft will provide the UbiSoft store coupon in lieu of $1000 worth of credits.

On the UbiStore There are 367 games available at special anniversary discounts. The initial discounted price of the game is $0.30. Furthermore, the 35th anniversary Ubisoft HTML2 event offers a minimum discount of 40 percent.event provides a minimum of 40 percent discount on all games during its anniversary celebration and up to 85 percent off of selected games.

Beginning on November 4, 2021 the players will have the opportunity to enjoy for free Ghost Recon Breakpoint first series for a couple of weeks.

The gamers will also receive access for free for Rainbow Six Siege and Cry 6.

Two PC gaming titles UbiSoft will offer its customers as an offer that is only available for a short period of time. Players will be able to load the games into their UbiSoft library and access the games in the future. However, the the 35th anniversary Ubisoft announcements for the 35th Anniversary of Ubisoftannouncements did not provide the names of the two games for PC. But, players can redeem reward codes for these games in order to play them on their computers once they’re available.

Alongside the above announcements, there are a number of additional prizes and giveaways are given below:

  • A copy is free of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles
  • Rewards for free with Far Cry 6
  • Rewards for free with AC Valhalla
  • Reward points for free Ghost Recon
  • Special rewards when you purchase Ubisoft+


The anniversary celebration is extended for six weeks, UbiSoft plans more free weekends, challenges that are new and more rewards in-game for various games, as well as more giveaways are listed in the 35th anniversary celebrations by Ubisoft. A player must be older than 17 years old to be eligible for the giveaways on the anniversary.

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