When you see a box of milk powder, the first thing that might come to your mind is baby food formula. However, the surprising fact is that there are way more uses for milk powder other than its culinary applications, from using it as a thickening agent in foods to making a luxurious milk bath. Today, we are visiting the list of 10 super easy ways for you to use milk powder.

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But before we start, we would like you to know that there are different types of milk powder.

Our milk powder is freshly made from plant-based ingredients. Just add water for a scrumptious, nutrient-rich, and creamy milk that will be enjoyed in countless ways.

Rural Treasures Range of powdered milk

Rural Treasures natural powdered milk is vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly because it’s made from fresh milk. it’s free of harmful preservatives, chemicals, and added sugars. A meticulous preparation ensures that each one of the nutrients is preserved. With the top product, you get easy-to-use powdered milk that smells and tastes delicious.

Top 10 ways to use powdered milk 

We are listing down the simplest ways to use milk powder:

  1. Sweetened condensed milk: this is often one of the key ingredients in many dishes, such as cakes, pies, etc.
    Making your own condensed milk can save you some time and money.
  2. Yogurt: Making yogurt has never been this easy, and you can definitely make yourself a nice treat of Greek yogurt.
  3. Coffee Creamer: an extended shelf life and take up not so much storage space in your fridge, making coffee creamers all the more interesting to make.
  4. Hot Chocolate: a mixture of milk powder with hot chocolate syrup is the best combination you can make during cold winters.
  5. Curd: Making curd has never been this easy with our milk powders. Head over to the present website for more information.
  6. Face Mask: Milk is understood to be incredibly soothing on irritated skin. So just in case you want to give your skin health a boost, make sure to make some face masks.
  7. Milk Bath: Incorporating powdered milk into a beauty routine has never been this easy. You’ll easily use milk powder to use it in a relaxing milk bath.
  8. Cottage Cheese: Who doesn’t like sort of a dash of cottage cheese in lasagnas and baked foods?
  9. Gulab Jamun: a standard Indian dessert, it’s created using powdered milk mixed with some pantry staples. It is a wonderful-smelling dessert that is bound to keep your mouth watering.
  10. Honey Wheat Cookies: These are some healthy cookies that you can simply make with milk powder, spread, and vanilla.

About Us

We have always strived to find solutions to a lot of health and ecological concerns with our heritage. Most of it’s preserved in our rural lands. Therefore, we made the decision to spread the knowledge and good health of India’s rural farmlands to its cities. This led us on a search to discover farmers who are entrenched in ethical and natural practices of production.

The unearthing of 1 gem led to another, and, over the course of several years, we now have a reliable network of sustainable farmers across the country. Their produce is exclusive to their region, and we resolve to preserve that quality from soil to table so our consumers get nothing short of Nature’s best. So what are you waiting for buy milk powder online and start making delicious recipes for your loved ones.

So what are you going to make? 

Now that we have discussed the top 10 ways to use milk powder, We hope you have a lovely session making these awesome dishes and experiencing them with our Milk powder.