Lab-grown diamonds have been the desire of one and all. These fine sterling sparkles have never failed to woo our hearts with their magnificent charm and glamorous shine. How wondrous they look, and as an on add their beauty becomes their ethical creation. Responsibly created inside a lab mimicking the external environmental parameters similar to natural diamonds, these dazzles are created. Polished to shine and cut into fine brilliant pieces, lab grown diamonds are authentic, radiating everlasting sparkle.

Synthetic diamonds have secured the top position on the wish list of all. For their magnificent beauty and timeless spark, synthetic or lab-grown diamonds have garnered attention reaching the highest place and being the most revered creations of man. They are a symbol of ‘forever’ staying true and pure till eternity with their everlasting shine and sparkle. Well, don’t they deserve being the most desirable and coveted stones? They are unarguably man-made wonders for their charm and enticing beauty, emitting eternal shine and spark! 

Man-made Diamonds: The Next Trend

Today, man made diamonds have occupied a special place in everyone shopping list. Everyone gets attracted to these sterling pieces that come in enticing and captivating designs. From lab-grown diamond necklaces to eternity bands, they have captured the attention for being trendy, sophisticated and chic. Be it a cozy proposal to a dream wedding; diamonds are a must-have at every occasion for they signify togetherness and forever!  

To add to your happiness and make your moments ‘of forever’ extra-special, we have curated a list of trending man-made diamond rings designed to help you select the best piece that feels like you – as radiant as you are! 

Round Shaped Diamond Rings

A timeless classic that signifies a never-ending cycle of love with a circular shape is always the most admired diamond ring design. A round-shaped shimmering solitaire set in a sleek band with a prong-set never fails to win the admirers. This diamond ring design is the shortest cut to a girl’s heart, with a mix of delicate yet strong appearance. 

Eternity Band 

 Eternity bands are sought as one of the most trending engagement rings. Instead of one big stone at the center, an eternity band has small diamonds encrusted throughout the ring. An array of fine diamonds that are placed, this style of the lab-grown diamond ring has a sleek and distinctive sparkle that is loved by all. Moreover, one can match their eternity bands with other rings for that extra shine! 

Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings

A pear-shaped diamond rings design has found a place in the most trending rings for its graceful charm and brighter appearance. Its unmatched beauty and unique appearance make it one of the most sought lab-grown diamond ring designs. The elegant pear-shaped cut makes the diamond look more prominent and radiant. Pear-shaped cut diamond rings are an image of fashion and grace, as they bring extra feminine sophistication and elegance. 

Double Band Diamond Rings 

As tides shift away from classic ring settings, double band diamond rings take the place. A trendy and chic design with diamonds set in two sleek bands running across a centerpiece looks nothing less than marvelous. With a center design with two bands running across, a centerpiece looks like floating between the bands. Double band diamond rings are gaining immense popularity as they come in varied designs – from sleek to bridal. 

New World Diamonds, a pioneer of lab-grown or man-made diamonds, have all-around attractive diamond ring designs to add some spark to your life. We make our products with honesty. From trending diamond rings to vintage-inspired regal pieces, we have all you need for that extra bling!