Facebook announced a long-awaited addition to Portal TV on Tuesday: Netflix. The $ 149 Portal TV, a webcam that turns your TV into a smart screen, already works with Amazon Prime, Showtime, and Sling TV. All you need is a Netflix subscription, the Netflix Portal TV app, and your Netflix login details to start watching, Facebook said in a blog post.

The social media giant is also updating its Portal TV remote with “one-touch buttons” for Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming services. The new remote will ship with Portal TVs purchased from October 6.

You can now stream Netflix on your Facebook Portal TV

In addition to Netflix news, Facebook is announcing the introduction of a new remote for Portal TV that includes quick-launch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and Netflix, so people can immediately sit back and start streaming. This remote will begin shipping with Portal TV devices today and will be available in stores in the “next few weeks”.

Netflix does not appear to be available on the standard portal yet,. Although Facebook is also announcing today that it is bringing Zoom to Portal Mini and Portal Plus to give people the option to use it for video calls. (Zoom previously announced that portal support will arrive in August.) As usual, the portal camera will train on whoever is speaking.

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Zoom, along with Netflix, will also be on competing devices. Including the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Nest Hub Max. Google made Netflix available on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in July,. And Amazon says it should arrive on the Echo Show soon. Now Facebook just needs to roll out Netflix to all of its Portal devices and it will be on equal with its competition.