Now, you may not know this but there are some major advantages when it comes to live theatre. One is that as a member of the audience, you get to be a part of the same time and space as the characters and actors, and the relationship between you and the actors becomes symbiotic. In other words, you react to them and they react to you.

On the other hand, actors in a movie exist in a different realm. They can’t react to your laughter, they can’t experience the audience’s anxiety or happiness, they can’t play around with their timing or overall performanceprimarily based on how the audience is responding. As a result of this, film is not as fluid a medium as live theater.

Here are some reasons why the experience of a live music theater is better than film!

Controlled Focus

A factor to consider when it comes to a movie that a few audiences don’t like (when they are used to live theater, that is) is how the movie director basically makes the audience focus only on the aspects that they would like to bring attention to. If you’re watching a very dynamic scene, as an audience member, you would possibly feel like monitoring the response of a minor individualin the event that you pick out. On the other hand, if a movie director doesn’t film a response shot, you won’t see it. People often say that live theater is the actor’s medium, and film is the medium of the director.

More improvisation

Another element of live theater that makes it so fluid and fun is that actors need tocope with what occursbecause itoccurs, there aren’t any additional takes. As a result, this opens the door to improvisation. Live theater can be linked to sports wherein the performance can vary based on many factors. When it comes to films, editors and directors pick out the most favorable take and add it in the movie.

Better Acting skills

Timing and tempo is dictated by editors in a  movie. On the other hand, the same is dictated by  actors in live theater. As a result, anxiety, pacing and humor are a little harder to experience when watching live  theater when compared to a  movie. An actor being filmed can pause without endbut the pauses might be edited out by the director. This is frequently why movie actors find it hard to get onto the stage.

Better voice and diction

It’s not wrong to say that an actor on a stage needs to be heard and understood when they are delivering their lines. Looping may beachieved in moviesin an event where an actor can’t be heard even as filming – occasionally ambient sounds can destroy a great take, occasionally an actor who is emotional or messes up a line could make up for it in a looping session. Due to this, stage actors have to train themselves to enunciate perfectly, and this adds to the experience, setting it apart from films.

More Visceral Experience

While movies excel in such things as technical elements, they might not match up to audience expectations. There is a bigdistinctionbetween seeing nudity and sexuality on stage than in moviesdue to the factyou’reactually in the room with actors in the scene – the moment itself is typically a whole lotgreater and visceral for a theater audience.

As you can see, good theater offers a much richer experience. Finding a live music theater in Hopewell, NJ, can truly be a transformative experience. j