The breed is unique in bonding with family and interacting with other pets and gets along well with strangers. Alert by both sight and smell, they tend to explore, chase, and curl up in the lap of any member of the family. It is a small breed of spaniel, often the same size as other spaniel pedigree dogs. They are hunting dogs to accompany hunters in the fields and are admired in the family as integral, affectionate, and sweet domestic pets.

Characteristics and Personality 

It is slightly longer than it is tall, but with moderate bone density, its build is ideal for a comparatively small working spaniel. This beautiful dog’s elegant, stylized but free gait is full of charm and dignity. King Charles good hold and grip, plus his reach and thrust, with great stamina relative to his size, make him a situational partner. 

Again, the coat is of medium length, silky, slightly wavy, or straight. The long plumage on the legs and the smooth, hairless tail is another distinction of this breed; all these elements give rise to an expression of soft and sweet attraction. Tricolour (black/white/tan), Blenheim, black, tan, and ruby are some colours available for this breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Temperament

Eager to please, playful and affectionate, king charles caviler is a beloved family companion. Remarkably gentle with children and other pets, including dogs, they are never shy of even much larger dogs while socializing, willing to adopt any environment but with family. As long as the other dogs are housekeeping trained, they can get along with a wide variety of dog breeds in the home.

As sporting dogs, King Charles spaniel puppies are lively and tend to chase all moving objects, including vehicles. Acceptance of strangers makes for a poor watchdog, the application itself should not be trusted, plus the hunting urge may tempt you to chase and hunt small birds. However, no problem with non-canine pets.

Wagging the tail symbolizes loyalty and trust. King cavalier only obeys what they are told. Exercise is a must, but this breed is not advised to live in a kennel to a lesser extent. 

To train him effectively, adopt the breed at the puppy stage and introduce as many animals as possible, plus all other factors of society. They have sight and smell in short hunts in the open field. They are the best in obedience competitions. Cavalier king charles spaniel price are very high. 

Although healthy, the cavalier king charles spaniel puppies are prone to syringomyelia, hereditary eye disease, ear infections, and early-onset deafness or hard of hearing, and dislocated kneecaps (patella). A small patio would suffice to play. Apartment living is easily affordable.

An exhaustive exercise is not required. A quiet walk of about 40 minutes a day would satisfy the dog.

They are classified as medium shedding, brush the dog at least twice a week, and bathing or shampooing the coat should always be consulted with experts. If food intake is not governed, they gain weight and avoid being overweight, clumsy dogs. Look for reputable and trustworthy breeders to get healthy puppies, and make sure the puppies are clinically checked and disease-free.


He was one of the most beloved dogs in the royal court and was named after king Charles II, who was very fond of the breed.

King charles cavelier is a lively and energetic dog. He is playful and friendly, although also quite calm. His character makes him the perfect companion for families, and he also really enjoys the company of children. Usually inconspicuous, he can be a little suspicious and bark at the sight of dogs he doesn’t know.


It is prone to certain pathologies such as incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle, demodectic mange, pyoderma, otitis, allergic dermatitis, cataracts, corneal dystrophy, epilepsy, patella dislocation or diabetes. It is essential to offer your dog regular veterinary monitoring throughout his life.

To better feed your dog, you can follow these tips: 

It is advisable to ration the food of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in two or three small meals so as not to saturate its digestive capacities. By spreading his ration throughout the day, the hunger will decrease because the dog will eat several times during the day. Give him his feed in a quiet place and at a certain time every day. This improves digestion and food balance.

Amount of feed: depends on the weight and age of your dog, but also its physical activity (normal or intense).

Treats for dogs: along with the feed, the prizes are perfect for giving your dog a treat from time to time. It is better to opt for healthy and balanced snacks, such as pieces of fruit or cooked vegetables. Watch if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is overweight!

Toxic foods: Some foods are toxic to dogs and should be excluded from your king Charles cavalier spaniel diet. Sausages, sugar, chocolate certain foods should be prohibited.

Finally, it is essential to hydrate your dog well, ensuring that he drinks enough water throughout the day, especially if he eats mainly dry food. Change the water in his drinker every day. If he drinks more than 100 ml of water per kg of weight, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.