School nurses have been contributing to the well-being of students as they practice their profession inside school premises. School nurses have been fulfilling their roles even before the pandemic and more and more schools are looking for nurses who can assist them in taking care of their student’s mental and physical health. You can hire a professional and experienced school nurse from Advantage Medical Professionals to get a highly qualified nurse. 

What does a school nurse actually do?

Taking Actions on Illnesses and Injuries 

Injuries can not be prevented in school and someone has to be on standby to assist students when they get injuries or there are times when students suddenly get sick. As school nurses, it is their duty to give the care and treatment the student needs for both illnesses and injuries. 

Coordination of Care 

There are students who need medical care since they have conditions that need monitoring and assessment now and then. For instance, students with diabetes, asthma, or allergic reactions need some assistance when their illnesses are triggered. They need to be educated on how to handle their condition and school nurses can help them with this. 

Do regular Health Screening

The student’s health should be tracked down to make sure that everyone is in good condition. As school nurses, it is part of their duty to do regular health screening which may include hearing, vision, weight, and height. Students who don’t pass the screening should be followed up by the school nurse and given the necessary advice to them. 

What conditions can a school nurse expect to treat?

School nurses are expected to attend to any illness they encounter while on duty. The common illness includes head lice, asthma attacks, chicken pox, and many other illnesses. That’s why they have to be knowledgeable enough about how to handle and assess different illnesses so they can be of service to the needs of the students. 

What skills and qualities do school nurses need?

Should be a Registered Nurse 

School nurses should have finished a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have passed the NCLEX and have an active RN license. 

Should have the required Certification 

Some certifications may be required by the school such as Basic Life Support (BLS) or other relevant certification that is needed for school nurses. These certifications can show that they are trained enough to work with children. 

Should be Compassionate

Most of the patients they will be handling will be minors and young people that’s why compassion is needed so they can perform their duties without causing any intense interaction with their patients. 

Should have Excellent Clinical Skills 

Clinical skills count a lot for school nurses since they have to be flexible enough to assess and give the proper treatment to any condition that their patients may have. They might encounter several illnesses and conditions in a day, so they have to know what to do in every situation. 

Should have Good Communication Skills 

Communication is important for school nurses, they have to know how to talk to different ages since they are handling a range of patients who have a different levels of understanding.  

How do you become a school nurse?

Before you become a school nurse make sure to have all the qualifications and requirements needed. Get a list from the school you want to work with since different schools may have different asking. Upon completion make sure to be ready mentally and physically for the challenges that you will be encountering once you are hired. As a school nurse, you have to be flexible and patient enough to handle different patients who have different medical needs. 

Be prepared by getting all the experience you need and the clinical skills that are necessary to becoming a school nurse. Giving your service to students should be your main goal and being able to connect with them and know their medical needs is another level. As a nurse, you can expand your knowledge since you will get exposed to a different level of experience each day as well and enhance your skills as you have to be able to come up with a solution for every condition you encounter as you work as a school nurse. So be qualified and start working as a school nurse.