Is there anything more fun than going trailblazing and kicking off mounds of mud behind you?

While commandeering an off-road vehicle that leaves your blood pumping and your heart and soul exhilarated is nothing short of a lifetime experience, there are still some aspects of off-roading that are anything but pleasant.

The dirt itself, for instance, which has a habit of getting into your eyes.

This is why experienced off-roaders always opt to take a pair of goggles with them whenever they go adventuring. While the mud can be just an inconvenience, it can also put you in danger by temporarily blinding you, potentially leading you into an accident.

We’ve therefore prepared a short article to ensure you not only understand the importance of eye protection when off-roading but that you also know the basics behind goggle gear.

Read on to find out more!

Why Do I Need Off-road Goggles?

If you’re a fan of the hobby or have been inside an off-road vehicle, then you know how unmanageable the mud can get. Since going off-road implies driving over areas that do not feature any tarmac, concrete, or pavement, you’re going to be encountering a great amount of wet mud.

While that’s not much of a problem if you’re enjoying the muddy sights from inside a large SUV, ATV and UTV enthusiasts find themselves outright assaulted by the environment. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re driving over rocky hills, after all, is desperately trying to wipe mud out of your eyes so you don’t crash.

Finding a good pair of goggles is a matter of material and manufacturer rather than size. Compared to bike helmets, off-road goggles are generally designed to fit any and all. There are exceptions, however, such as if you are wearing prescription glasses. In that case, then there are many “Over The Glasses” goggle models that allow you to wear both simultaneously.

OTG Off-road Goggles

Over The Glasses models have a couple of differences when compared to traditional ones.

  • A larger lens size and space area can accommodate wearing prescription glasses underneath, which also helps offer a wider field of vision.
  • Notches at the sides of the temples so as to keep your glasses fixed and held up at all times. This is of particular benefit because anyone who wears glasses knows that they can easily swing off your ears with even the slightest movement.
  • A vastly improved ventilation system since glasses have a tendency to fog because of condensation. Wearin glasses within goggles only makes the issue worse, so a major difference in OTG goggles over normal ones is better ventilation.

How Do I Clean Off-road Goggles?

You clean your goggles with a lot of care and attention. But, like normal prescription glasses, the lens can easily get damaged if you don’t know the correct technique.

Surprisingly enough, the solution to cleaning such specialized equipment is soap and water. Simply submerge your goggles into a warm body of soapy water until the dirt slides off. Of course, hard patches of dirt might still remain, and though it’s rarely recommended to wipe the lens, you can slowly and lightly do so with a cloth or soft paper.

The material you use can also make a difference in the longevity of your goggles. A very bad habit, for example, is to wipe it off with a t-shirt, which almost always has minuscule hard particles embedded in it that scratch the lens. This is also why it is always best to pat or tap the goggles dry instead of wiping them.

Can I Put Them in the Washing Machine?

You should never put your goggles in the washing machine. It might be commonly done, but that is the worst thing you could do to your equipment since it will ruin the foam surrounding the lens as well as weaken the straps. This happens both because of the harsh movement cycle of the washing machine as well as the detergent you use, which has not been designed to endure foam.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

Take care of your eyes and your health by opting for a pair of off-road goggles. It’s not so much a matter of luxury but need if you’re planning on adventuring with an ATV or a UTV. There are many trusted brands that you could look into, such as the Rad Parts 100% sunglasses collection.