We all know the things we should ask while viewing a house. There are certain questions you need to ask, such as finding out why the owner is selling, learning about the condition of the property, knowing how long the property has been on the market and so on. Most buyers also have a mental checklist so they know exactly what they are looking for in their future home. And, they usually opt for an online house valuation to be able to make a good offer. But, what about the things that we should not ask or say while viewing a house? While certain questions must be asked, certain things must not be asked or said while viewing a house; and here is the list. 

Don’t try to negotiate during the viewing

The one rule of house viewing is that you do not negotiate during the viewing. After all, isn’t that what your estate agent is for? Discussing the price of the house during the viewing and trying to negotiate a better deal might make you seem a little presumptuous, as though the house is definitely getting sold to you. This could make the seller feel a little uncomfortable. When you are viewing the house, just try to find out about the condition of the house, the structure, the roof and so on, but never try to negotiate.  

Don’t mention your budget

When you are viewing a house, never mention your minimum or maximum budget. Also, never let on exactly how much money you have been pre-approved for. If the estate agent or the seller figures out your finances, they will attempt to make you buy the property for your maximum budget. So, instead of being open to a negotiation, the seller as well as the estate agent will try to ensure that you make the highest possible offer. While you must know a budget in your mind, and you must try to stick to it, never reveal your budget during a house viewing. 

Don’t criticise the interiors

Always remember, wallpapers can be changed, sofa sets can be replaced and kitchen tiles can be swapped. Even if you do not like the interiors of a property, do not criticise them. After all, every individual has their own taste and style. If you do not like something in the property that can be changed, do not say it out loud. Sometimes, if you hurt the owner’s sentiments they might not want to sell the house to you. If you have any strong feelings about something that you do not like, keep it to yourself. 

Don’t seem too enthusiastic

If you walk into a property and start fawning over the interiors and gushing over the backyard, the owner and the estate agent are going to understand just how much you like this property. In that case, forget about negotiating a good price and be prepared to give the highest offer possible, because now you have put your cards on the table. Instead, when you walk into a property that you absolutely love, try to underplay your excitement! The more enthusiastic you are, the more money the estate agent will attempt to squeeze out of you.

Don’t ask the seller personal questions

You might be curious to know why the seller is moving out, but you should not directly ask the seller that. It could seem intrusive and it could even offend the seller. Instead, ask the estate agent such questions. After all, every buyer has a right to know why the owner is selling the house, but that does not mean that you are free to ask the seller such personal questions. In fact, when you do meet the seller, stick to asking basic questions about the property and neighbourhood, but do not ask any personal or private questions.

Don’t discuss renovations

You might want to renovate the interiors, add an extension or even create a new home office, all of which are great ideas. But you should not talk to the seller about possible renovations. For one, the seller could be emotionally attached to the property so they might not be keen on selling their home to a person who is going to renovate it completely. If you do have any renovation plans, try not to mention them.