In today’s world, the success of a business also depends on its digital presence. Traditional marketing isn’t as effective as before. To capture customers’ attention, you want your business on top of search engines. And while they are many ways to engage customers, one of the most effective techniques is using a GMB posting software. Such software is a tool that ranks you within your local business directory. 

This way, your business appears in local online searches and maps. However, to better benefit from your GMB campaign, another essential thing is to understand the secret to creating successful GMB posts. So, what makes a good GMB post? Let’s find out:

The Use of Visuals

Online pictures, videos, slide decks, infographics, and GIFs are the visuals that can easily take your GMB marketing campaign up a level. And because the content remains supreme in marketing businesses, text alone is losing its glory in capturing people’s attention, keeping and returning them to your website. Because of this, you need visuals to engage, entertain and quickly entice people before they skip to other businesses.

As a result, incorporate visuals to engage readers easily. This way, you get more shares which helps increase your business exposure within and outside your local boundaries.  Remember to make your posts engaging and shareworthy. Make it relatable to your services and products, and use images, videos, infographics, and statistical data to help people efficiently process and remember your brand.  

In other words, pictures and videos engage your audience and increase the chances of getting new leads from referrals and recommendations.

Compelling Headlines and Introductions

For people to read your posts and share, you want to create powerful headlines hard for anyone to ignore. Think about it. The success of your posts depends on how much people read, share, and respond. For people to like, read or comment, make your posts impactful. Talk about the benefits of your services and products and how you want to help their pain points. Give them a reason to stay, read, and return for more information.

For instance, it could be your industry services and products near them. Or, it could be posts centered on conquering their fears and aligning with their visions and ways to better their lives. Either way, give them quick solutions without wasting their time and sounding salesy.

Introduce your services, products, and main points fast. Do this to prevent losing busy customers, especially those who quickly turn to other pages within seconds. Mostly, the reason for them to turn their eyes away from most posts is because of lengthy and unhelpful introductions. So, give them something that keeps them and brings them back. And that is how your services or products solve their problems fast.


An engaging GMB post doesn’t confuse. Make your posts unique by sticking to one thing at a time. Think about what you want to tell people and write a post about it. For example, news posts are a great source for sharing general information or highlighting new things within your business. It could be recent changes in working hours, new employees or management changes. 

Likewise, it could be informing customers about featuring their reviews and feedback about your services and products. Or, it could be introducing a new service or product. If it’s a new product and service, let the post describe it without bias. Inform your target customers about the benefits and flaws of such a product. For new services, inform them why your business offers the best of such services.

This way, your GMB posts will help set your business apart from others, thus beating the competition without spending much on other marketing strategies. However, whichever angle you focus your posts on, be sure they are specific and valuable to new and existing audiences.


To leverage and drive sales, optimize your GMB posts. A properly optimized GMB post contains the correct business information, including contact details, the right keywords people search in your industry, and up-to-date information. Ensure the posts carry your business name, links to your services and products, category, and address, including your Google map details.

For keywords optimization, incorporate terms and topics related to your services and goods. Make these terms and topics directly related to your services and products. Start by conducting keyword research, determining what to write in your posts. Look for the volume of different keywords and their versions, especially within your locality. 

Afterward, use keywords with higher search volumes in creating your posts. These produce more shares, traffic, and conversions for your content, thus quickly ranking on search engines. However, ensure every keyword is relevant to your business.