Online casinos have become immensely popular thanks to the widespread use of computers and smartphones. People can now log in and play games with only a couple of taps or clicks. No matter if we’re talking about students who are consistently under pressure, or grownups who want to relax a bit after a hard day at work, firing up the best online casino games is simple.

When it comes to payouts, finding a real money casino requires some knowledge. After all, all the students who are working on the next college essay need some relaxing downtime. Even though they can explore free essays on Grade fixer, the pressure is still there. That’s why many students want to relax at the at the best UK casino sites to relieve the pressure they’re feeling every day. However, there are a couple of casino life hacks that will help them play casino games even more and achieve a casino win here and there. Let’s explore what are the best casino features regarding payouts and why they matter.

What is a Casino Payout?

Everyone is talking about various bonuses, types of games, and mobile compatibility in the casino industry. However, what should you do when you actually win some money? What are the withdrawal options at your disposal? A payout is a process during which you are withdrawing money from an online gambling platform. That’s why people are always looking for the looking for the best payout casino, as they want to actually receive their winnings. Luckily, in today’s competitive landscape, a play can easily find such a platform. It does take some research though, but that is where some casino tips and casino life hacks can help. The first thing to explore are available payment methods.

The Selection of Payment Methods

The selection of payment methods will immediately tell you what payout options are available to you. The broader the collection of methods, the better. It means that you have more flexibility and you can choose types with the best processing times and fees. Another thing to consider are minimum deposits. Many online casinos feature minimum deposit bonuses which are activated once somebody deposits a low amount of money. These types of deposits are only supported by certain payment methods. Here’s what you’ll find on the majority of online platforms:

  • Traditional banking
  • E-wallets
  • Prepayment methods
  • Local specific payment methods
  • Cryptocurrencies

Each of these payment methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Still, choosing the perfect one for your payouts will be completely up to you. In general, each of these will get the casino wins to your bank account, the only things that will differ are fees and withdrawal time. Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional banking

Traditional banking remains one of the most used methods to this day. While it is not the fastest, it never fails to deliver. The advantage of Visa and Mastercards is that practically everyone has them. On the other hand, this payment method is slow, and the transaction fees are quite high if you’re withdrawing minor winnings.


E-wallets are the much-needed upgrade that traditional banking needed. These platforms feature outstanding security followed by quick withdrawal times. That means that with some e-wallets, you can receive funds from an online casino in hours. The processing fees are low in percentage, but when you are withdrawing a larger amount of money, it can add up and be costly. The most popular e-wallets are Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Prepayment methods

Loading funds on a temporary payment card is available in many countries. The most popular solution is paysafecard, and many opt for using it in the online casino industry. The only downside is that it’s a deposit method primarily. You’ll rarely find such a payment method available for withdrawals. So even though it is safe and has low fees, it’s only available for making deposits.

Local-specific payment methods

Some payment methods are available with select online casinos. They are specifically created for people from certain countries. The perfect example is Interac, which is primarily used by Canadians. These payment methods don’t have to be any better than the e-wallets we’ve mentioned. Still, they might be more practical for people as they already use them every day to make payments. That’s why you’ll see online casinos adding them to their long lists of supported payment methods.


Last but not least, many cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. Tech-savvy gamers can use them to make quick deposits and withdrawals. Plus, the advantage of using them is the speed of payment. They are the quickest payment method you’ll currently find online. On top of that, the processing fees are low.

What is Casino Processing Time?

Even though you opt for the quickest payment method for your payout, there’s one more thing to consider. Before releasing funds, the online platform of your choice will process your payment. The casino staff will want to ensure that they’re making the right transaction to the appropriate account. That can sometimes take up to 48 hours. Therefore, before you pick an online gambling platform, check out various online reviews to see how long the brand usually processes payouts.

Understanding Fees

As you’ve noticed, each payment method has its fees. It’s important to understand how different types of fees work.

  • Transaction fee – A transaction fee is charged for a particular transaction. No matter the amount of funds you’re transferring, the fee is always the same.
  • Percentage fee – Many e-wallets operate by using a percentage fee. So 1% of the funds you’re transferring is the cost of the transaction. As you can imagine, this can amount to a high fee if you’re withdrawing a big payout.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid fees are a mix of the above two. You pay some minor percentage and transaction fee every time you make a withdrawal.

Therefore, before you make a withdrawal, see what kind of payment method would work best for you. If you can wait some time for your payout to arrive, you can easily pick the payment method with the lowest fees.


Next time when you’re on the lookout for an online gambling platform, remember to pay close attention to the payment methods available. No matter how good a bonus might be, or how many games you can find on the platform, it’s all for nothing if you can’t withdraw your funds safely and quickly. Each payment method has a certain advantage in some areas, the goal is to opt for an online casino that has many of them.